Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Listing Tuesday

1. I made half a quesadilla yesterday for lunch with pepper-jack cheese in it and guacamole on the side. I got the best guacamole at our local warehouse club. It is almost entirely avocado, very little fillers, and it tastes AWESOME. Maybe not an every-day sort of fatty-food fest, but it sure was tasty. Mmmmmmmmm.

2. Yesterday we got off to a late start at the new house. K started out sanding the cabinets in the kitchen but realized it was loud and getting on toward kid bedtimes (we think both sides of neighbors have kids - play structures outside are a giveaway) so he had to quit. He talked to his dad while I was gone at IKEA getting window coverings. One of my boxes had one bracket missing from the white wooden blinds. So much for putting those up last night. The rolling match-stick blinds turned out fine for the kitchen, they just need to be trimmed, so we're gonna try that later this week sometime. Maybe tonight. Even if the errand had to be run and it wasn't totally fruitless, last night felt like one road-block after another. We got most of the basement taped and ready for painting tonight, but still. WAAAH!

3. Hubster and I haven't gotten out to see The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe yet, but we're looking into going this weekend, perhaps. I found this article talking about it from a non-Christian perspective. I grew up hearing about C.S. Lewis about every other day in my tight evangelical church and school, so it's hard to separate out his faith from his stories and, though I don't think you can and neither does the author of the article, it's nice to know that some people got wonder out of the book without the back story. Lewis speaks to non-Christian AND Christian minds - an increasingly rare talent in the sub-culture-driven landscape of American evangelicalism. Plus he names the faun "Tumnus." Seriously awesome.

4. I'm reading Television Without Pity's Grey's Anatomy recaps and if you watch the show, you totally should, too. If you saw the Thanksgiving episode, start there. Endless mirth.

5. It's been one disagreement about sandpaper and drapes after another since the house came. No huge fights with the Hubster, but it's not a picnic to sort through the obstacles when both of us are total perfectionists and type-A workers. Still, Hubster said something sweet about how, though he's been busy and worried and hasn't said it, he's been really happy with how we've pulled together and how helpful I've been in working through designs and physical tasks alike. He almost made me cry, he's so sweet. Once again, SO LUCKY I MARRIED HIM. In the words of Michael Bluth in Arrested Development, "Well, who could blame [me]? [I] got to lock that down."

6. I got the design up on my friend Dawn's blog, so you should totally check it out. It might look eerily familiar if you read my blog, but the artwork and colors are different. Plus, she's much funnier than I. Also, HOTT. Enjoy!

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Plankiest said...

Oh, poo. I may be funnier sometimes, but you are definitely more thought provoking! I often wish that I had the depth that you do. Thanks for the shout-out though! It serves two purposes. 1. Been looking for that shout-out for a long time! I love to read about myself through other people's eyes. (Narcissist at heart.) 2. Makes me feel bad that I haven't posted proper credits on your fab design. Will do that now-ish! :)