Thursday, December 08, 2005

Something New at FyF: Brevity. (Sorta)

LOTS of things have happened since I last updated and the intervening time, according to some of you, has been a desert of loneliness in your lives. People, I am flattered but a little frightened. But none of this matters because one of my favorite Internet Rockstars just smacked me down! WEEEE! Go read it!. I'm "Desperate near DC." Also, I'm not very clever with the signoff names. Read it anyway because I'm a dork who has to have friends all over the country (as well as total strangers) share in my life in minute detail before I'm truly happy.

NOW, what's been goin' down? Time with the fam was AWESOME. We ate Dad's Astonishing Revelation Of Deliciousness (otherwise known as his Cheese Fondue), marinated brochettes (shish kabobs for those who prefer the Mediterranean/Arabic terminology) and many, many more plates full of yum. Mom and I talked and played with makeup. Hubster and Brother J played the piano and guitar and talked about stupid guy stuff. We hung out with friends from high school, again with good food, and we saw Walk the Line which was lovely to watch and hear, even if after two-and-a-half hours we wanted to know so much more about Johnny Cash's life than we got.

We got home Monday night and I had to turn my suitcase over because I was leaving the next morning to surprise Jefe at the company Christmas party. BossLady had been plotting for months, and I SO WANTED TO BLOG ABOUT IT, but I had to keep mum so Jefe wouldn't READ ABOUT IT ON MY FREAKING BLOG. And I succeeded in keeping my mouth closed. THAT'S ONE! (hee) So I arrived on time and coworker CJ picked me up at the airport and dropped me off at a Bee's house where I proceeded to get dolled up for the event. Minutes into that ordeal, we get a call from her - someone ran into her and her car is totalled and she's okay but could we pick her up? Terrible! She'll be alright but she was shaken, so y'all should pray for the most hardworking (also hilariously sarcastic) gal I know. Wow, that brought the mood right down, but it was pretty much just like that yesterday, so at least I'm accurately portraying the events in which I had a part. Because we're all about accuracy here at FilosofĂ­a y Flores. As you well know.

Anyhow, we made it to the party, surprised the stuffing out of Jefe, consumed filet mignon and Luce red wine like it was GOING OUT OF STYLE. Bee and I also had some clever T-shirts made up and they much amused the crew. Even CJ of The Recent Trauma arrived looking smashing and hoping to forget her troubles. It was lovely.

After breakfast with Jefe and lunch meetings with BossLady and Bee, I hopped my fourth plane in less than a week and came home, on time, no problems. Now I'm sitting here, in front of my keyboard, stressing about closing on the house tomorrow, and trying to make this all interesting. What a world, what a world!


Mair said...

Glad to have you back. I missed you. *sniff sniff*. I need to email you about some things...but just wanted to ask:

"Even CJ of The Recent Trauma arrived looking smashing "

is this some kind of intential cruel irony??? Or did you not even realize that the poor lady's car just got SMASHED?!?!

E.A.P said...


This is just typical of me, too. I use that term all the time and it would be just like me to not notice the inappropriateness of using it then. Sorry, CJ. I still love you!