Monday, December 19, 2005

An Open Letter to the Purveyors of Scotch Blue Painter's Tape

3M, Painter's Tape Divison.

Dear Sirs,

I have, since my youth, been trained to buy your painters tape through your monopoly in the buying public. From an early age I could tell just the shade of blue that meant we had the right tape - the good stuff. Many a redecoration was accomplished through the use of your product, and this was even before your new television ads which, in my opinion, are utterly superfluous because, as I said, YOU OWN AMERICA. Or at least you own Americans wielding edging brushes.

But see, your stuff is not good. It bonds with paint, then it sticks to the wall in tiny strips that break off from the edges and refuses to let go until I have beaten my hands into a pulp trying to get them off the freakin' ceiling.

DO SOMETHING! I don't want to switch to those edge-rollers that promise you never have to tape or something, but if it comes to it, so help me . . .

Also, my husband got a papercut from your product. We're going to talk to our lawyer if things don't change. Oy, the emotional damage we suffer at the hands of your wretched blue adhesive.

Disillusioned Former Fanatic

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Plankiest said...

Seriously, I just used masking tape in all of my painting endeavors. Sometimes the paint slipped under the tape, but the tape NEVER peeled the paint off!

Plus, no beating of hands to a bloody pulp. Just another perk of going ghetto.