Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mini-Vacas > Sliced Bread

[Aside: I used to say that all the time - "the greatest thing since sliced bread." Funny thing, though, I deeply love un-sliced bread and much prefer it because it's usually fresher and tastier and MUCH less healthy for me - pumpernickel loaves notwithstanding.]

Anyway, this weekend rocked. I always thought spending just a weekend away was stupid - save up your time and money and go whole-hog for a week. COME ON! I had no idea that having to travel less than two hours would be so enjoyable and worry-free. I didn't realize that if you're not gone for a long time, all those little things you forgot won't really matter to you. No hairbrush? Meh, I can finger-comb it for a couple of days, right? I also feel so much better about my fiscal responsibility, and going out to dinner with wine and steak? NO PROBLEM. If we can bust out a couple of these a year, I will have an EXCELLENT life. [Well, except for the whole "not being able to do Russia in a weekend bit. Someone get cracking on teleportation already!]

We stayed in a small town in Northern Maryland called Havre de Grace. We stayed a local B&B called the Vandiver Inn - a mansion formerly owned by a Dutchman. It was pretty true to its Victorian roots in decor, but you definitely wouldn't go nuts if you were doily-averse. It was tastefully done. Our room was large by most hotel standards, and we had a gas fireplace we enjoyed using. The other nice thing about staying there was the ample breakfast they provided - hot courses along with fruit salad, scones, bagels, cereal (Special K with Red Berries, mmmmm). Occasionally, a big old breakfast is just the ticket (speaking of clich├ęs, what a weird one that is - the ticket to where?) Anyway, lovely place:

Except for the $6/head "Decoy Museum" - which made us think of all manner of amusing things it might mean until we asked and it turns out they just have a collection populated entirely of decoys of water fowl. Hobbies are weird. Museums based on hobbies are weirder.

We split a bottle of champagne (BYOB, baby!) Friday night. [Another Aside: Champagne may be my very favorite alcoholic drink. It's just so happy and delicious! If you didn't have to drink the whole bottle every time, I'd drink all the time. WAH.] We took three (very cold) long walks on Saturday throughout the town, which was easy since it was small and well-designed for that sort of thing. We went out to dinner Saturday night at the Laurrapin Grille, and it. was. awesome. I got the Chicken Saltimbocca - chicken smothered in provolone and prosciutto atop a bed of perfectly-prepared angel hair in butter with sundried tomatoes and delicious spinach galore. (I usually hate cooked spinach, but this was perfect - not overdone.) Hubster actually got a New York Strip steak (I'm usually the red-meat eater) smothered in gorgonzola with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. We split a dessert - a banana dipped in chocolate, rolled in filo and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Woh. We ordered it on a lark - somewhat in honor of our beloved Bluths - but it was amazing! Our whole bill was under $50. Seriously.

Sunday morning we ate a leisurely breakfast, packed up and headed home to two very hungry felines who, if their mews and crys of woe were any indication, had burned through their three-day supply of kibble within 20 minutes of our departure.

Yesterday we both took the day off and did a little stove shopping and a lot of nothing besides. Then we hit up a Lebanese Taverna - a not-at-all kitschy restaurant with Mr. T. We ate delicious food and then hung out with Mr. T and a friend to watch 24 and snark at the TV. It was a blast, and the perfect way to wrap up one doozy of a mini-vaca. Next weekend, anyone?


Mair said...

$50??!!! That seems shockingly low for all of that delightful food! I'm impressed, but slightly suspicisous that your James Bond-esque husband pulled some kind of fast one on the waiter while you were in the water closet. I don't know...maybe he hacked into the restaurant computer and changed the price of your entree's or something. But, nonetheless, an amazing meal and at amazing price.

Your next mini-vacation should be to Charlottesville, where you can stay at the Caler B&B on the cheap...because WE MISS YOU!

Yax said...

Ooh, Umberto Eco! What book?

Cap'n Ganch said...

That banana dessert sounds awesome. Did they tell you that "Ten cents get you nuts," though?

CharlesPeirce said...

eap--just in case no one's said anything, your photos with comments on them are freaking hilarious, so keep posting those. I think my favorite was sick hubster.

And to echo yax: which Eco book? I just finished Foucault's Pendulum and was...ambivalent.

E.A.P said...

yax and Charles - The Eco book I got was The Island of the Day Before. It looks interesting, and should dovetail nicely with Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle which I've been reading. We'll see . . .

Charles - thanks for the compliment on the captions. Sometimes I feel like I'm just amusing myself. They're cathartic to create, especially when you have a sick husband on your hands. Just in case you should ever find yourself with a sick husband on your hands, there's my tip for you. HA!

mair - I don't think my "shaken, not stirred" hubby messed with our bill in the slightest. Though I did go to the water closet at once point . . .

Cap'n - ten cents did not get me any nuts whatsoever, sadly. Your comment garnered some laughs, though. "And I won't tell you why. That's your father's job . . ."