Friday, February 24, 2006

Variety: It's the Bee's Knees!

Weekend, you are nearly in my clutches.

Man, I need this. Tonight a casual dinner with Hubster, a movie maybe, peace and quiet and a stiff drink. Tomorrow a reunion with a friend I have not seen in probably two years. And I get to meet her 13-month-old son for the first time. In DC, no less. Then Sunday I can sleep in because the choir doesn't have to participate in the service. Sunday afternoon? Reformat my faithful computer and put on Adobe CS2. That's what I call a red-letter day.

I like a life with seasons. You have the work week then the weekend, the Winter then the Spring, this holiday then that. Life certainly isn't as regimented as it was in college, but I am glad I still have a weekend. Of course this all goes to crap during the conference season, but then I get to play hooky, enjoying my "weekend" during the week. I take a subversive delight in that. All you out there working bizarro, unpredictable schedules? Mad props.

So what about you: got any plans for your weekend? Are you one of those folks I just mentioned who lacks one? Would you like to kvetch about that? Tell me a funny story? Have a good link to share? SHARE ALREADY.

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