Wednesday, February 08, 2006

So close I can taste it. It tastes like margaritas.

Today is the last day of the catalog project for me. Though a lot of celebratory margaritas might be the order of the day, I will put those off until a more responsible time and opt instead for a coffeehouse date, house tidying, tax preparation (that is, handing out stuff off to our TurboTax-wielding father-in-law), and perhaps a movie with Hubster. I really know how to live it up, don't I?

It's remarkably hard for me to do, though. I worry about financial, emotional, and physical consequences of cutting loose, so I end up with much milder versions of "acting out" than I would otherwise have. Let's put a couple of examples through the E.A.P Thought-Action Translator.

Thought: Splurge on something as a reward. You know you want some wedge heels.
Action: Get a grande instead of a tall house latte at Panera.

Thought: Blow off the entire night and go out on the town.
Action: Do a couple of chores (at least) and stay in for more affordable fun.

Thought: Take a Caribbean Freaking Vacation, girl!
Action: Give myself a pedicure at home because the Caribbean? Hello! Not in the budget!

Considering what a vivid imagination and drama-queen tendencies I can have, it's probably a good idea. We may worry about the debt, but Hubster and I are quite young and homeowners. Thriftiness and a hyper-developed sense of responsibility does have its upside. Still I sometimes suspect that depriving myself unnecessarily. Of course, admitting this in a public forum makes me feel even less like a real grown up than I usually do. That brings my perceived age down from 16 to, um, 3. WAH, I DON'T WANT TO TAKE BATH, I WANT TO WATCH NEMO 85 MORE TIMES!

We do own Finding Nemo . . . maybe . . .


GMack said...

Putting off a wilder acting out has both the good and bad sides as you so wonderfully put. I am one, who worries about the finances as well, but my wife has taught me to see the great side of splurging and going out. Some of the best memories that we have had since we got married are when we went out and did something unexpected and fun on the town. Going out does not have to be overly expensive, but doing something very different can be great. Yes you guys do own a house, but holding off and doing all the fun stuff later when it is in the budget has a downside as well. Maybe "later" means once your kids are off to college and you finally own your house. Days turn into weeks which turn into years and suddenly you are the grandparents who are wealthy because you saved a lot and then you just use your money to take other people out for memories that they will remember. Splurging can be a great thing and I encourage it. Heck, wedge shoes are great...yes you don't need them, but you would enjoy them and goodness knows that you would get your use out of them.

Don Quixote said...

Congratulations that it is over. It looks GREAT, by the way.