Monday, February 13, 2006

Today I bought new shoes. Today was a great day.

I would have gotten on the horse/keyboard earlier today, but it was a busy one. I woke up and drove K out to work so I could have the car and go to counseling later that morning. I had an unproductive, but still meaningful counseling session, in which I poor described my recent thought channels but I managed to feel hopeful of positive change. So it was miraculous, too. Then I created Draft 2 of the conference schedule for work with Bee and made some PDFs for Jefe. I picked K up after work and made a delicious stirfry for dinner. We watched some M*A*S*H wile we ate it. Speaking of, it might have been formulaic, but that show had a good thing going. Anyway, K dropped me off at Heaven (DSW) while he went to pick up TurboTax (GENDER TYPING!) and then I bought some awesome, comfortable shoes that, while not being the most stylish in my closer still happen to be awesome. Additionly, I finally own a pair of shoes from one of the most fabulously-monikered companies in the biz - Rocket Dog. Oh, and by the way, the Internet has failed me by not providing a single picture to share with you. YOU ARE DEAD TO ME, INTERNET.

Heh, who am I kidding?

Anyway, the new shoes will work well for conferences when I need to be able to accomplish things without feeling aches and pains or terrors of puddles. These have some patches of suede (which I'll treat) and then some mesh on the sides that should breath for all those days when sandals are a no-no on the plane and sneakers are a furnace once we land. These should do the trick whilst being cute (as I said) and not breaking the cardinal rule of the airport travel - AS A YOUNG WOMAN IN AN AIRPORT YOU WILL BE OGLED. Whoops, sorry, that's not so much a rule as an observation. The real rule is: IF IT LACES, YOU LOSE. Gotta love grown adults standing in lines in their stocking feet pretending they don't feel like Naptime was just called and they forgot to clean up the Duplos before they got their Blankies.

Today's Security Inspections brought to you by the letter N.


Em said...

A couple of months ago I bought a pair.

Bee said...

I want naptime!

GMack said...

While I do not wear female shoes, my wife does. I will have to tell her about that brand. Lately she has been hooked on Chinese Laundry and BCBG shoes.

Jackscolon said...

I don't know anything about women's shoes other than those weird fuzzy boots are the ugliest, stupidest things I've ever seen.

Plankiest said...

I love shoes, and posts about shoes. It doesn't get any better!

I also agree with jackscolon. It has made me very said when some close friends of mine went to the dark side in those stupid furry boots.

On the plus side, I make fun of her mercilessly when she wears them!

E.A.P said...

em - I'm loving mine, too. I usually like dressier looking shoes, but these are so comfortable, I can hardly stand it.

bee - I knew someone was going to say that. You know, besides me.

gmack - Chinese Laundry and BCBG are awesome, and I so wanted to look at them, but I needed comfortable shoes for long hours in airports and planes, so bronze stilettos were, well, not so good. I wish . . .

jackscolon - yeah, if I wanted to look like a woodland creature just died on my lower extremeties, I'd hang out by a highway with an experienced hunter on hand for skinning purposes. Much cheaper. Also more authentic.

plankiest - so mean, but quite appropriate.