Monday, February 06, 2006

Up For Air . . . And Posting

The weekend started off with a bang. Hubster decided to be spontaneous. 'BOUT DIED OF THE SHOCK.

While we ate dinner Friday night, we channel surfed a bit, and we saw an ad for The Matador - you know, the one where Pierce Brosnan is walking through a posh hotel lobby in nothing but a black speedo and old boots sipping from a beer and headed straight for the pool where he promptly jumps right in, beer in hand. Yeah, it's pretty amusing, but next thing I know, K's checking the times and planning out our evening. Crazy man!

The central character is a weathered-looking Pierce Brosnon with a flip-side-of-Bond persona, older and more honest. It was amusing and entertaining, even if it wasn't the most fantastic movie ever. The cinematography was good, especially some of the more interesting cuts of Mexico. My favorite moment by far was the end credits which began with The Killers' "All These Things That I've Done" which I LOVE! Then as the song should have moved into the full gospel choir segment, it faded out and I heard whistles in a rhythm I knew well, but I couldn't place it. "WHAT IS IS THIS MUSIC?" I asked K, suspecting he won't know because it was buried pretty deep in my memory. I probably flailed around in my seat, trying desperately to get back to where I knew this. And then it hit me. "Matador" by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. My uncle showed it to us years ago and we all danced around the living room while it played that Christmas when they came to visit. Argentine ska, 10+ years later, in a Maryland movie theatre.

The whole movie was worth it just for that.

Saturday morning I worked a while on the big work project. In the evening, Mr. T came over again, and I made Beef Chow Mein for the three of us. It was awesome. I omitted some of the more rare ingredients (oyster sauce . . . um, no) but it was a great recipe, and a nice change of pace from some of the regular stir-frys I make. Plus, shitake mushrooms. Mmmmmmmm. We watched The Bourne Supremacy DVD that Mr. T brought and talked throuhgout since we'd all seen it. Much mirth, much mirth. We all got drowsy and went to bed at 1 am, far surpassing our time of about 10:30pm the last time we attempted this. WE'VE STILL GOT IT! Hoo-wah.

Sunday, we all got up and went to church together. We chatted over lunch at home, and then he split to get some stuff done before the Superbowl and Hubster and I decided to get a TON of house stuff done. We stripped the fronts of all the cabinet doors and got them done. (All that remains are the backs, and we should be able to paint and put them on the cabinets soon.) We also organized some of the china in the sideboard and hutch which FINALLY. Then we ordered Chinese takeout and watched the Superbowl with piss-poor excuses for attention levels. The Steelers won, so yay fellow alumni in the Black & Gold territory, but we're thinking "meh, whatever." Also in the "Meh, Whatever" category - this year's commercials. SERIOUSLY boring. Also also, we're not real Americans because LOOK AT THIS LAST, VERY UNPATRIOTIC PARAGRAPH. We should be exiled to Spain or something. SHEESH. (Also also also, fine by me.)

The excitement and happiness of the weekend dissolved in a puddle of misery because the gale-force storm that IS the catalog blew in at top speed yesterday morning. Still, with help from coworkers, I'm knocking it down, and I hope to be done in the next couple of days. In order to make me feel better, though, last night, K and I planned a weekend away at a cute B & B for later this month. Can't wait!


Mair said...

Didn't you think the crime deterent phone ad was hilarious? What about the streaker?? There were a few good ones, but over all, not great.

Oh- aparently, it's "Up your cat count month" because my sister just got a new kitty, who looks exactly like their first one (so I hear). We will not be getting another cat anytime soon. Moses will hear none of it. He's a one cat kinda guy. He doesn't want to have to share his food. ha!

Plankiest said...

Yay for fun weekends!

Boo for illegal use of weekend time (working). House-related work is excusable (barely) but work-work is not. Definitely a weekend party foul.

Jackscolon said...

I'm also in the "meh, whatever" category. I like watching sports, but I think I'm double recessive in the "I actually care about the outcome of sports" gene.