Friday, February 17, 2006

Picture Post Friday

Secondary Title: I'm going on vacation, you should be happy I even bothered.

This was our backyard last Saturday. The setting sun is gleaming off the road behind our house (a residential through-way, never very busy), but it almost looks like a river here. Lovely.

By Sunday, there was a lot more snow everywhere and I could barely restrain my trigger finger from snapping until I ran out of storage space. This shot has a lot of texture, I think, even though it's not that strong in composition.

But I know y'all come for the kitten snaps, anyway, so here goes:

You can't tell from this picture, but she was using the box as a sled to skid across the kitchen. Usually within striking range of Tiny. Also, t'would appear her expiration date is close at hand.

Relations between our Clashing Titans are improving, however, leading to occasional bouts of grooming each other. Yes, even feline dieties have their softer side.

Indeed, Persephone and Loki have grown so comfortable as to occasionally nap together on the couch, as well as occasionally being awakened by moi and together staring me down with disapprobation. Progress is a double-edged sword.

Enjoy your weekend, everybody! I'm off for a couple of days with Hubster and nothing to do. Thank you, LORD!

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Mair said...

Nice pictures, E. Hope you had a nice weekend retreat. Oh, Josh found this website that I'm sure you would love -