Thursday, May 04, 2006

Question to Thursday: Where's the fire?

The power must have gone out briefly yesterday afternoon because my kitchen clocks were all wrong that evening. As a result, I wrapped my Mother's Day packages for the moms in my life (start deducing, Mom and Mumsie!) and absentmindedly watched TV, not noticing how the day changed into night. I turned in after 1am, so I slept in till 8:30. Correction: I tried to. The cats started in with their morning ritual of torturing my dozing self a mite early today. At 7:15 they started with the persistent yowling, and the walking all over my prostrate self with no regard to how my nerves and soft tissue might feel about it, and the licking of the arm skin. Cat tongues being known for their sand-papery consistency, this has the effect of making me tuck my already too-warm self under the covers just so I can keep the first layer of epidermis full attached to my person.

I raised the white flag at 8:15 and fed the poor, starving, spoiled brats. I honestly cannot WAIT until K resumes those duties. His current schedule makes it easier for me to do it, but we're going back to the right way of doing things ASAP - he wakes up early and I get to sleep without cat paws ramming me in the AM.

Also, the fire is gone. Monday I was burning up with ideas and potential to get things done before Mair and JMC showed up on Friday and noticed that I lived in a disaster zone. Now? I didn't get too much done, but the task list seems to have ballooned while I worked. I know, I'm being really whiny. But every time I turn around, I've made the house messier, I haven't gotten enough done, and I'm tired of feeling like the mountain WON'T GET SMALLER. Anyone else with me, or have you retreated to your happy place instead? In California as we tucked in some fries with our delicious In-N-Out burgers, Bee said, quite casually, "I think this is my happy place." Mine, for the moment, is Ristorante Piccolo in Georgetown, staring across the table at my friends and sipping some wine. That'll do nicely, especially since that's exactly where I hope to be in a little over 24 hours.

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Plankiest said...

My happy place is Galveston, TX. Oh, and Australia! Hee hee!