Monday, May 15, 2006

Pining for the Fjords

I'm tired this evening, and I'm involved in one of those books you can't shake. Dallas was great, and I have a few pictures and foody thoughts and observations to make but not tonight.

I really hate what convention season does for this site, or more directly what it is does to my enjoyment of it. I can't focus, and when I do, I pump out two, maybe three entries a week, all of them shoddy distillations of days and days worth of half-remembered experiences and lists of links to people and things more interesting than I. Too much of me stays bottled up, and I crave confessing into the bytes here. I've said before this site is part therapy, and it's become easier to see that when I have to go without. Of course this all could be an elaborate decoration on simple internet withdrawal. I don't get to surf while I'm gone, and I'm a card-carrying member of Generation Google.

I miss this, and I miss you, but it's temporary. I'll write a weekend wrap-up tomorrow, in between the day's paperwork and the night's season finales.


Mair said...

OK - I totally can't wait for Grey's Anatomy tonight. Can you even believe what happened last night??? Izzy is INSANE and Burke looked seriously dead. Oh man.

In other news - Josh bought me the Australian Opal for a "graduation" present. Yay!! Now we both have one!! No more jewelry lust!

Love you, Babe.

RedHurt said...

My wife got us started watching Grey's Anatomy lately too. Granted I never saw season 1 and just started 3 episodes ago, but the show feels like the illigitimate child of Sex and the City and ER, raised in LA by Aaron Spelling to be the next 90210. Dear Doctors: here are your interns. Please choose the one you find appealing and begin a strange, passionate, dramatic, sexual relationship with him/her. Dear interns: Meredith Grey is annoying and has a strangely translucent complection. In conclusion, I wish the show were about Addison instead, and she and Patrick Dempsey could just be happy and do surgery.

Those conventions are really tough. We lost a lot of good men down there at those conventions. Which conventions are we talking about? E3? G4? ET?

E.A.P said...

mair - Oh My Sweet Lands, what a season finale. I didn't realize that it was going to be two hours on Monday night, so I just kept waiting for it to be over and hoping no one would catch the mistake. Apparently, I need to pay attention to schedules more often. Still, WOH. Of all the people who'd leave, I didn't expect it to be (crap, what if this is a spoiler?) "that person." Oh, and congrats on the Australian Opal. I bet it looks smokin' on you.

redhurt - I agree with you on Addison, SHE ROCKS. When she said "your ass is mine, Karev." I swooned. I did. And though the relationships can feel far-fetched, a lot of the way they handle them is very sensitive. I appreciate good character writing. Plus, awesome music.

As far as conventions, they're for homeschoolers. Not exactly exciting. I'm attending a PhotoShop convention for myself in June. I'm nervously excited about it. I think I would feel better if I broke down and bought this shirt: