Thursday, July 06, 2006

Better Late Than Crappy

If el Copa Mundial isn't your cup of tea, pass on this paragraph:
Yesterday I watched the Portugal/France match. The edge is wearing off that little disappointment. I didn't really care about the winner in some respects, but the Portuguese have NEVER won a World Cup. They were definitely keeping France on their toes, and had not that foul on Henry been called inside the box for a penalty kick, they might have turned the game. Their passing game was still good, bu they just couldn't pull the shots on goal as well after Zidane plowed the ball into the corner. Their goalie Ricardo earned even more props when he read that penalty kick right - the man's a machine, reading every players' intentions and stopping three of England's four penalty kicks in their match. With him setting a world record for that, and with Cristiano Ronaldo, Deco, and Figo playing the field, it felt like they might have the right mix.

It was still a great game to watch. I love the interaction of the players. Maybe it's because they're not amateurs like in the Olympics, but I think their respect for one another is amazing. Often they've played on club teams for years without making a national appearance, and sometimes those appearances pit them against their club teammates, making the competition fierce but a bit friendlier. Often when one of them goes down, their opponent will help them up, patting them on the shoulder and making sure they're okay. Figo and Zidane are old friends and exchanged jerseys after the game. It's that level of camraderie that makes it much better at making friends of nations - the competitiveness is tempered by real human connection, the one thing guaranteed to give me the warm fuzzies. So yay for the World Cup and BRING ON THE FINALS.

And now back to your regularly scheduled frivolity.

Other than obsessing over sports (woah - I think I got a little woozy admitting that), I've been working, cooking, and trying to get adult crap done SHEESH. The work's been fine, but a bit flaky. With the end of convention season for me, it's been harder to focus on the remaining ones for everyone else. Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as Erica's self-absorption. Which made me think of maxipad commericials, so let's move on, shall we?

The food's been fairly good, actually. I bought a 4lb bag of mixed lemons and limes from the warehouse club because buying limes for my gin and tonics was costing enough that I could literally let the lemons all rot and it would still be cheaper. I decided NOT to let the lemons rot and instead to squeeze one over some pork loin I thawed. I ended up marinating it for a couple of days (what with the holiday and the painting and the Chipotle refueling that HAD TO BE DONE on Monday). Yesterday I busted it out and threw some butter in a skillet and then just sorta smelled and spiced as the spirit moved me. I ended up adding salt, a little thyme, and some dry white wine and it. was. yummers. Seriously - pork and lemons. Tell your friends!

Today I made chicken fajitas, having decided to try out the small white corn tortillas after eyeing them for ages. The corn is not my favorite, but the peppers, onions, and chicken were delicious when spiced with this mix, courtesy of my mother-in-law. According to the site, this seasoning mix is hot. I didn't know it was hot or I would have warned Hubster, but seeing as he didn't utter a singular peep upon tasting it, I'd have to say HOT IT IS NOT. But it is HOTT. Meaning tasty in this instance. Okay, I'm done now.) I guess when you consider that the folks who create the mix are from Vermont, it might illuminate why. (FYI, she bought it at her favorite stop on Cape Cod, the Atlantic Spice Company, but I think I've seen it in cute gourmet stores all over.)

Other than working and eating, I've been trying to get errand running and home organizing projects done, and frankly the less said about that the better.

Apologies for the lateness, but I did eke out my entry for the day, and now back to goofing off for a few minues before I drift off to dreamland where citrus fruits, my parents' Portuguese pottery, and the spectre of my basement utility shelves no doubt await me.


lvs said...

I thought the France/Portugal match was somewhat boring... however, there was enough man-flesh for me to not worry. Between Zidane and C. Ronaldo, I was happy.

Mair said...

we don't really like corn tortillas either because they are small and they taste sort of like chemicals. But, we keep eating them because they are supposed to be better for you than the flour kind. great.

Oh - and I love your new template. And, I've been meaning to call you. And, my husband has been meaning to call yours. Be on the lookout...

RedHurt said...

I echo your thoughts on the cup in general. the thing that kills me, as an American, is that in the midst of all that camraderie and really elegant sportsmanship, there's a level of cheating that's tolerated and much higher than I could deal with. The fake injuries and constant falling down, the theatrics, absolutely destroyed the Italy/Germany game for me.

I didn't catch much of France/Portugal, but Portugal's performance against England was, as you said, stunning. I watched those penalty kicks and was literally screaming in amazement at how well Ricardo did - it's inhuman! It's not possible! It simply doesn't happen!! I wanted Portugal to win for him if nothing else, and while I love Zidane and think he deserves to make the finals, I can't stand enough of the French culture to make me upset that the arrogant bastards will sit around for another 4 years imagining that they're the best futbol players on earth if they win.

Don Quixote said...

I always get hungry when I read your blog...

Plankiest said...

I sure do hope that you troll back through your posts periodically for new comments. Because today? Is the 12th.

Anywho. You crack me up. I WILL tell all my friends about pork and lemons.