Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm back, and I'm cranky.

I've been running errands and trying to relax post-vacation since we returned Saturday night, and it's not gone well. I'm unmotivated and frankly, I need another week. This time with just me and my favorite things to do/eat. I might not even want Hubster around, I am THAT in need of recharge. Vacation was more emotionally/socially tiring than I expected.

Case in point: I bought an awesome red suede jacket from Wilson's Leather Outlet with my sister-in-law, which I stowed in the beachhouse closet and smiled at occasionally because it was too hot to wear it. I think you know where this is going. Saturday (after leaving at 5am - FIVE FREAKIN' A M) and driving for an hour, I realized it was still in said closet. Frantic calls back to relatives who hadn't left didn't work, so I finally called the realty office who DID recover it - yay for good service. Then I couldn't get MyUPS to issue a calltag because DUH, I'm a lowly individual and don't have access to such fancy fare as, I don't know, convenient shipping options. I use the business account for work and have it shipped and cut a check to the company for $10.49. The jacket cost still barely tops $50 so KUDOS to me, but PHEW, so much for retail therapy!

I'm really stressed about life right now. Sometimes I've felt close enough to the way I was whilst depressed to scare myself. I'm only contemplating changes and it's enough to make me edgy. I never anticipated that this would be a long-term problem - I just assumed it was the piled on, post-collegiate/marriage/moving crap that brought it on, and once those things changed, it wouldn't affect the pro-change person I (thought I) really was. Now it looks like my caution will stay for a while. Maybe that's appropriate. I have more risk than I did making decisions in high school and even some college years. I'm working around another (irritatingly amazingly different) person. There's just more to it than there used to be.

You know what? I'm tired. I had a long day of NOT vacationing. I'm going to bed, and tomorrow, I'm going to keep talking to my husband about how we're going to change things around here for the better because right now? I need another week of vacation that I'm not going to get.

And I was going to load pictures, but Blogger's being crankier than me (hard to imagine, but trust) so ¡hasta maƱana, peeps!

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Mair said...

Cheer up, Charlie. You get to see ME soon!! :o)