Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mangled Mess

This entry has WAY too much going on, and I haven't even written it yet. I bet you'll try to hack through the verbiage anyway, though. Suckas!

PART THE FIRST, LAZY POSTINGS: I didn't write yesterday because it was Hubster and my TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Um, hello? Didn't we get married last month?! That could've merited a post on its own, and indeed my original idea was to take my lunch and write two posts - one about the weekend and one about the anniversary. That number got revised to zero when I ran out of time and work was insanely busy. So anyway: 2 years, woo!

PART THE SECOND, WEEKEND REDUX: Friday we did all of nothing. Friday night I had an anxiety dream whose subject evades me, but it put me in a wretched mood on Saturday, just the day when we were supposed to do housework and some organization. I wasn't feeling cooperative, optimistic, or even focused - all important things for the tasks we faced - and Hubster was able to get through to me, so props to him for saving the day. We didn't finish everything, but we started, which is most of the battle for us. Plus that night we rented the 2005 Pride & Prejudice and drooled over take-out Chinese and Matthew Macfayden (we've loved him since season 1 of [spooks]). Lovely. Re: the movie: I liked it quite a bit. First, they made the texture of the movie much richer, dirtier and more realistic. I know it's a bit of a fairy tale, but at least the characters were reacting to actually being sopping wet or actually having mud on their dresses from wandering in the fields, and there was a marked difference in the different classes' costumes. Lovely cinematography and music, too. That image of Lizzie Bennett out by that cliff is just incredible. I could soak that in all day. Until now I've thought Knightley was an annoying, terrifyingly skinny, "actress," but she really was endearing as Lizzie and they bothered to make Jane (Rosamund Pike) prettier than her like the book indicated, so KUDOS to them. Also, lovely soundtrack. Also, also, I really did love that book. Must reread.

The next morning we went to church and returned in time to eat a quick lunch and sit down to the World Cup Final. Which: GAH. I mean, good plays back and forth, loads o' tension, and then SNAP - the headbutt heard round the world. I mean, what? WHAT HAPPENED? ZIZOU, WHAT GIVES? Well, apparently, the whole thing was probably the result of racial tension that Zidane has endured his entire life, as this 2004 article explains (found it through another blogger, can't recall who). It's long, but it's interesting. This little snippet remarks that they think Materazzi, the Italian player involved, dropped a racial slur, an idea that's been echoed by several articles I've read. Speaking of Materazzi, though, it appears he's no saint. You know what? Whatever. I wasn't there, and I can't say what happened. I enjoyed watching the game. El fin. The World Cup rocks the face off any other tournament on the planet, and now I think I'll try to find EuroCup and Copa AmĂ©rica action on cable because fĂștbol is ALL THAT AND A BAG OF SALT & VINEGAR CHIPS. Mmm, tasty.

PART THE THIRD, FESTIVITIES: We didn't do much for the anniversary yesterday. We did go out to dinner so I didn't have to cook. We figured Monday was a safe night to try out the new local Cheesecake Factory, and indeed we were seated outside right away (which nearly caused me to faint dead away, but I held it together). I wanted some delicious cheesecake real bad, so we enjoyed our Kahlua Cocoa Coffee Cheesecake which was as delicious as its name was long. I also finally tried some fish tacos. See, I've been repulsed by the very IDEA of the "fish taco" for a long time now, but for some reason, the menu description sounded good, and you know what? They were. And now I'm going to try to make them myself because I really should be eating more fish and they? Were delicious! Everyone wins!

We've decided to spend a day in DC this weekend doing stuff we love as our gift to each other. We bought tickets to see DC United play the Columbus Crew this Saturday, and I think we're going to hit up one of the big art museums we haven't seen yet. We enjoy spending time with each other much more than laundering/dusting anything we'd buy for each other, so this works out in a loverly fashion.


Jackscolon said...


I always thought the expression was- woot!

and yeah, I feel like a little part of me has died now that the world cup is over.

OG said...

Congrats on anniversary #2. Our second was nice and low key too. We had planned a big romantic date, but instead got pizza, rented a movie, and snagged a good bottle of wine. It was wonderful.

Have to say I agree/disagree on Pride and Prejudice. While the seens of normal life (dirty pigs and old decrepit house) added much more depth to movie, I still found the Keira Knightley annoying and thought Austen would have hated all the scenes of pondering Elizabeth. Way too much time watching closeups of various furrowed brows.

Cheerio old pal. Miss seeing you this summer back in MI. Maybe we'll be in DC again this fall.

Mair said...

way fo two years! Ours is coming up, too!

way for fish tacos!!!! I'm a huge fan!!! I also have insomnia right now, and a little bit of an upset stomach, so that's all I'll say about the fish tacos for now.

Plankiest said...

Happy A Day! That is awesome! Two years!

I've always thought that Keira Knightley was kind of odd looking. Which I think was a plus for her role in P&P. But it cracks me up that she is on almost every magazine cover now. Oh well.

Fish tacos? Whatever rocks your boat sister. But I'm glad that they were good for you.

Miss you!

E.A.P said...

jackscolon: "Woot!" is accepted nerd talk. "Woo" is what I believe is yelled at athletic matches. Which I will not watch again until the Cup is back. WAH!

og: Thanks for the congrats. It feels good to hit a milestone. Re: P&P, I'm glad you mentioned that. I think the furrowed brows were a bit over the top, but I think the pauses when they didn't have anyone talking are rare in Austen adaptations. It's hard to cut out any of the awesome language, but a movie needs pacing more than a book (which you can pick up and put down at will). Remember that show of P&P that we saw at Stratford back in high school? I think that one worked because the actors all took part in the storytelling and it preserved the narrator's voice. If you do away w/ the narrator and instead give all those lines to characters (as they often try to do), you end up with WAY too much talking. I thought here, at least, we got to see some scenery and soak in the language before the next beautiful bombardment. I wish they'd cut out the furrowed brows, but they were probably just an excuse to use up pacing time while pretending all that thinking was character development. That's how I see it, anyway.

P.S. Hugs to you and your peeps!

mair: You'll have to give me your recipes. You know, when you're not tired and nauseated.

plankiest: Miss you! Thanks for all those comments yesterday!