Monday, July 03, 2006


There are some things in live that you wonder about, but you don't think you'll ever experience. Perhaps that's why we get interested in stories about space, or dragons, or drug rehab. Have you ever wondered what the temporal and spacial union of these two objects would produce: cats and tarps? Today is your lucky day because the result is HILARIOUS.

The tarps are in place over most of my living room right now. Hubster and I bought 5 gallons of different paints yesterday, and I've begun painting the living room at last. I'll post pics. Probably. But anyway, that's why the tarps. The air conditioning vent in there is on the floor, so it billows the clear plastic tarp and makes the cats chase the bubbles it forms. Then they find a way UNDER the tarps and they scare the crap out of me by swiping at my feet. Then they chase each other across the tarp as the sounds repeat now louder and softer: CRINKLE crinkle-crinkle ZZZZZZIP (as one slides) crinkle. Mostly, I'm terrified that one of them's going to dip a paw in the roller tray and leave "adorable" paw prints all over the carpeting.

Speaking of, my break is over. Time to keep rolling or the paint will dry in the tray and THEN where will I be? Well, admittedly less stressed about kitten prints in a neutral beige, but still: NOT HAPPY.


Plankiest said...

I love the new template! It is so pretty!

You are such a diva. And so young too!

Okay, now I am going "Homeward, Peasants!"

GMack said...

It is sweet to paint stuff. I like painting. Ok I actually hate it but I like how it looks afterwards. Oh, and hanging new pictures.