Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Photo Finish on the Radio

Ignore the date on this post while I wish you a "Happy Independence Day!" Mine began with more painting. We finished the living room. It looks sorta like this:

Card-carrying Members of the Warm-Hue Alliance, Khaki Division

I'm delighted with the results overall. It already makes the room look much more put-together. I've struggled over what shade to use for ages, but I think just settling on one and giving it a go was all I needed. That or my clinch-time decision-making prowess is indeed formidable. Stay tuned as I make all further wardrobe purchases in one-minute intervals for the rest of the year! (Ha!)

We cleaned up the brushes, showered (because we had to lay tarps over the AC vents, we had the air conditioning off while we worked - results? Sweatastic!), and drove down to DC to a party with friends. Mr. T and his roommate packed a ton of people into their two-bedroom apartment with much delicious ale and finger foods. We arrived early enough to watch most of the Germany/Italy match. We were worried when they entered overtime and the clock ticked down, the spectre of penalty kicks before us. Then thunder rolled and the heavens opened, and while we speculated as to the state of our blankets awaiting us by the Iwo Jima memorial for the fireworks display (answer: SOGGY), the cable went out. Like FIVE MINUTES away from the end of overtime. In the ensuing scramble, the cable box was reset repeatedly, there was much wailing and ineffectual gnashing of teeth, and the game played on in Germany. Finally, Mr. T turned on his satellite radio and we listened as Italy scored not one but TWO goals. Someone commented that we shared more in common with the rest of the fĂștbol-loving planet across the decades huddled around the radio than before with ESPN HD going full bore. Acts of God have a way of doing that for us.

The game finished, it was time for speculation over beers and finally a trek down to the memorial where the loveliest view of Washington's Monuments awaited us. The fireworks were amazing this year, better than the last, I think, though the blankets were sopping wet and we all had to share garbage bags so we wouldn't have wet butts for the rest of the night. Our patriotic duty over, we wandered back to chat some more, clean up, and head home, tired but happy Americans.


GMack said...

How fun. Welcome to the earth-tones wall club. The wonderful part of earth tones is that you get to use fun splashes of color with your furniture.

Don Quixote said...

The room looks GREAT.

Plankiest said...

I am simply horrified that you couldn't be bothered to set that other pillow upright before you snapped that picture.

Other than that, you go girl. The room looks awesome! Kudos for not being afraid of color.

My hubby is definitely color-phobic, and it hurts me. Deep. One of these days I am going to lash out and paint some room magenta.

It's always the quiet ones.

E.A.P said...

plankiest: I KNEW someone was going to mention the damn pillow. It's not bad enough that I noticed it and almost retook the shot because it made me twitchy. GAH! Also, "It's always the quiet ones." LAUGHED OUT LOUD. HARD. After that little monologue? Awesome. I'm coming down in August, so buy that magenta now. >;)