Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Where are my ice cream sandwiches?

Kids, it is WAY past my bedtime. I got up this morning (correction: yesterday morning) at 6am because I realized as I dozed off the night before that I had forgotten to put the trash out. Hubster was granted leave from that particular loathsome duty for this week, so it was up to me to arise before the garbage men accomplished their noisy perusal of our street. Then I couldn't fall asleep, so I did what any self-respecting masochist would do: I did the 50-minute, KICK ME IN THE PANTS, ARMS, BACK, QUADS, and HAMSTRINGS workout with my power yoga DVD. Then I ate breakfast, worked, had a fantastic lunch with church-friend KL (who rocks, have I mentioned that before?), and then worked some more. This evening, I shopped. In the space of three hours I hit BJ's Warehouse Club, Bed Bath & Beyond, Pier 1, Borders, and Target. I closed Target, people, I was THAT committed to mint Chapstick, Resolve Carpet Cleaner (for Pets!), and Method Daily Shower Spray.

In any of this time did I decide: hmmm, perhaps I should finally write about my really great weekend? Nope. Because I am a deficient human being, even if I DID buy the more environmentally-friendly refill for that shower spray. Wait, while I'm breaking all the rules, where are my decadent treats and formulaic comedies?

P.S. Thanks for all the comments on the previous thread. I'm formulating some responses, so if you're still interested, keep an eye on it.


Mair said...

I really love ice cream sandwhiches. Just the plain old fashioned kind, where the cookie starts to kind of rub off on your fingers and get sticky while you hold it. Have you ever tried the Skinny Cow brand? Just as tasty - less guilt!

lvs said...

Did you KNOW that Method makes candles and air freshener (sp?)stuff too??? DID YOU KNOW?