Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanks Given (Oh yes, I went there.)

Though the traffic about killed me, Hubster and I had a fantastic Thanksgiving with his family. We had a good portion of the crew on hand for the festivities. I only managed about 0.75 good conversations for each of the heavies, but it was still great to (partially) catch up. Thursday we lazed about and ate, much like the rest of the citizens of this great nation. Friday the older kids went in to New York City for a little wandering. G-man drove us to Soho for some delicious pizza at Pomodoro with their fantastic vodka pizza sauce. We watched the sunset at Battery Park and snapped ooodles of pictures which I am too lazy to upload at the moment. (And here I've been promising you the rest of the wedding snaps from the weekend before, too. Yeah, I'll get right on those!) We didn't accomplish much, but it was a lovely day in the city. The next day Mumsie-in-Law took both of my sisters-in-law and myself to The Container Store. I still can't believe how fabulous I felt after hitting that place up, but FABULOUS is right. It brought out all the OCD in me, and I LOVED it. I bought some cute stuff including but not limited to a new wine rack and some magnetic spice jars. I got the best coat hooks ever from Mumsie as an early Christmas gift. Check it: "Mr. and Mrs. Hangup" rock! Between that and her back issues of Real Simple magazine and treating me to coffee and whatnot, I told her she's my new dealer. We drove home on Sunday and didn't manage much of anything else, except that I thought about my next trip to the Container Store because seriously, it's a drug.

Today? Was Monday. Nuff said. More later, kiddos. Missed ya.

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Bee said...

I LOVE the Container Store!! Almost as addicting as Ikea. and sadly, for me, just as far away! HATE!