Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Snow

Sunday morning, whilst we enjoyed our breakfast in the hotel restaurant, the heavens let loose great wet globs of snow. We hadn't been paying attention to the weather report, so we didn't realize at the time that we were in for four inches followed by a night of "wintry mix," but it sure looked pretty from our room window.

It dusted the picturesque fire station whose alarm had gone off a couple of times during our stay.

It dusted the less-pictureque liquor store adjacent to it.

It dusted the street corner nearby, and the trees looked gorgeous, ethereal.

It made this smart pedestrian look totally adorable. And it made his/her photo stalker (moi) a very happy shutter bug.

P.S. In case you wondered what Raw format would get you, the answer is detailed snow. There's detail in them there drifts! It's amazing to watch the Photoshop program (a plugin for CS or earlier, built in to CS2) work, allowing you (with a keyboard shortcut, God bless them) to see exactly where you gain and lose detail in the highlights and shadows, allowing you see just where the processing is giving you results. I'm still a novice, and the number one thing I need to study is getting good exposure at capture, but I can already see how it'll change the way I take pictures. I'd also recommend a book Rob Sheppard's Adobe Camera Raw. Very helpful.


Jackscolon said...

I can't get the pictures to load on either of the two computers I've tried...

E.A.P said...

Bad upload problems last night. I thought they were fixed, but I just did it now. Sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

You would be surprised how often there are large fires when it's snowing. Seriously. And I only know that because of my cool (hot?) firefighting fiance.

-the Churro

Bee said...

LOVE the snowy trees picture. It's awesome!