Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I am back, Blogosphere, and I hail thee from my old apartment. It's a long, drawn-out, painful, and thoroughly uninteresting story - not unlike this sentence and probably this entire entry.

The spirit of this year's holidays was best personified by my cat as she helped me wrap presents the night before we left:

You are lulled by the potential for cuteness and fun and you feel like you just might have enough time to enjoy yourself and get everything done.


NOT SO FAST, OPTIMISTIC MORON! Everything is coming at you at lightening speed and you have not a prayer of grasping anything. Also, your cat will shred those ribbons.

I neglected to mention it earlier but the cat knocked down the Christmas tree mere hours after I put it up in our apartment and she broke an ornament. We are looking into evasive measures for next year's festivities.

ANYHOW, despite the whirlwind that surrounded it, Christmas was awesome. I missed my immediate family (this was my first Christmas with the in-laws), but it was a success. We had a MOUNTAIN of presents under the tree with something like 20 people's names on them and it took us like four hours to open them, NO JOKE. Now, this is somewhat shocking and explains K's statement at my parent's house last year about "not that many presents." At first I thought this was a bit "SHALLOW AND MATERIALISTIC! OH, AND GREEDY AND WHINEY." but later I realized it's just different when you've only known crowded rooms and gifts all around for half a day. It's not like my family's real name is Grinch or anything, but we've had Christmas as older kids/adults for years now and the whole "opening eight million presents" thing has lost its appeal. However, I have rediscovered that loot is fun. CAN YOU BLAME ME FOR SAYING IT? NO, NO YOU CAN'T.

Anyhow, we hung out at the home of Hubster's aunt and uncle. Aunt A does ceramics so I got to throw on the wheel and MAN, DO I MISS IT. I also talked a lot, ate a lot, slept too little, and rarely showered - IT'S THE HOLIDAYS, WOOOOOO! And I got to look at vistas like this lovely scene just outside their deck:

A Winter Scene

Like I said, AWESOME! The move afterward went relatively well except I swear by the many bees buzzing in my bonnet that I will SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST if I can't have internet at the house soon. There are so many installation fees, strictures, requirements for other services a specific vendor must have you buy, ETC., ETC., AD FREAKING NAUSEUM that I am ready to move to the woods and become a ceramics instructor. This plan is flawed, however, because apparently when I don't blog, people wonder if I died. I'm working during the day from the apartment until we have internet at the house and I'll be blogging on lunches. I'll also try to take pics of the house so y'all can see it's put-together magnificence. To be honest, I missed this, and I miss your comments. It's good to be back.


Plankiest said...


It was good chatting with you sweetie. Take that as a lesson for the next time you drop off the face of the earth. I will resort to drastic measures and CALL you and then proceed to vomit all of my issues all over you.

You don't want that to happen ever again. Do you?

Don Quixote said...

We definitely were worried. I mean...think about it...the Kid without something to SAY????? That IS worrisome.