Thursday, January 19, 2006

Picture Post to the Rescue!

I've been having to work pretty hard lately to find entry topics. The beauty of the picture post leapt to mind. After an entire week. So maybe not "leapt" but "lofted downward at an excruciatingly slow pace." Apparently even though my tagline says that "if you add pictures, they will come, " I don't get it. AWESOME.

Roof Junkie.

I've had qualms about making this blog ALL ABOUT THE FRIGGIN FELINE, but whatever. Pooper owns me anyhow and I might as well be honest about that. Plus I had to show you that she manages to get up to the basement joists (which we are eventually going to wall off because we fear she'll get stuck up there). This makes me alternately amazed and afraid. It's a little disconcerting to hear weird noises coming from the ceiling of the room where I work all day. As if to placate me, she just crawled on my lap. She's a wiley one, she is.

New Hair in a normal picture. Except the angle makes my nose look weird AGAIN. I CAN'T WIN.

At last a better picture of my hair. It still feels a bit plain to me, but K loves it and it can look very modern with the angled line on the side. Let's face it, I wouldn't put the work in for some curled or flippy style anyway. I HEART AIR DRYING! And plying a straightening iron for three minutes TOPS. Yeah, LAZY.

Winter fog that reminds me of Autumn.

A few days ago now, I took this picture of the steps leading up from our basement. It was so foggy that what looks like light is actually the reflection of my flash on the mist. It was like that until the late afternoon. Spooky working conditions are kind of inspiring. And all those old leaves look lovely. So that's why the picture - because it's my site and I'll post random crap if I want to.

My shiny new opal pendant (sigh)

Lest anything stray for long from my drama-demanding self, here's a picture of my latest birthday gift, an Australian Boulder Opal Pendent from the Hunger Site's website. I got a belated check and it was on sale. It's a fair trade site with food donations associated with each gift, too, so it was a guilt-free splurge. Props to Mair who first found the site and its slammin' gift shop years ago. Go forth and shop for a worthy cause!

Dude, put down the camara and help me get this thing out of the wet stuff. Oh, and don't embarrass me by posting this or so help me I'll aim for the white carpet!

After everything was moved out of the apartment, we managed to find a bunch of rubber balls and catnip-filled mice that Persephone had pushed into a corner under the hutch, shoved under the stove drawer, and slid under the refrigerator. When we brought them to the new place, she immediately set to work and managed to hop a ball into her water bowl. Watching her be stymied by the water and still determined to GET THE BALL OUT was awesome. She would bat at it and promptly have to shake her paw a hummingbird-wing speed and then she would just stare at the ball and stare at us and try the batting thing again. And this is why cats rule - they know how to shake a leg for my amusement.


Plankiest said...

I LUV THE HAIR! Yours and mine, and Mary's too!

You look totally HOTT in the pic where you are wearing the white sweater. Like you should be in some Matrix-type movie where you kick ass and take names, but still manage to keep every lovely lock in place. And no make-up smudges for you!

A pic of me hair is headed your way shortly. But, just a preview. My dad? The one obsessed with long hair? Really likes my short hair a lot. Yay!

Mair said...

I am coveting your Autrailan Boulder Opal. I've been eyeing that up at the hungersite since I don't even remember when. I was going to request it for my birthday last year, but it was temporarily gone. Now it's back and I'm pining.

It looks great on you. To bad we aren't roomies anymore or I'd just wear yours all the time (like I did with your amber ring).