Friday, January 27, 2006

Linking Friday

1. This article on Slate talks about the popularization of yoga and it's effects on what people now think is necessary for doing yoga. I kinda see the influx of mats and cutesy clothes as only natural - you're dealing with western suburbanites, if you can't abercrombisize it, it's not worth doing. Still, the author is pretty nonjudgmental about it, and perhaps with good reason - the Abercrombie set certainly needs the stress relief.

2. How about this little McSweeney's gem: A Mother's Plea. "This is not unusual behavior for a 5-year-old, especially for a bright, inquisitive boy eager to explore the boundaries of interpersonal contact." Heh.

3. I really like this post from I don't read her all the time, but sometimes she comes up with some real gems. Sure, it's a mite profane, but she's really thinking about what it means to be a modern, fragile, human being and still be somebody's mom. I don't know if it's because of the multitudinous means of expression available now, but I'm glad to see so many mothers fessing up to the non-stop annoyances and real pain associated with their job while still upholding it as a wonderful human experience. Honestly, if I ever have children, I hope I turn out as honest and refreshing as some of these women. "Those women you used to see in Pine-Sol commercials who got high off of mopping their kitchen floor!" make me almost as nauseous as the cleaner they're using.

4. You know, my thoughts on motherhood, womanhood, and similar weighty subjects have been heating up of late. My struggles with my identity as a wife somewhat mirror those of Fussy becoming a mother, so I might have some more words on that subject coming up. And this totally doesn't have a link on it. HA! FINE, if you're gonna give me that look, then here: enjoy! In case you missed it the first twenty times bloggers linked to this hilarious video send-up of rap, snack cakes, dreamworlds of magic, and Google Maps. The links, they do flow from this site, no?

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Mair said...

so...I guess that problem with kids these days is overbearing parents who refuse to stare them down. hehehe. That letter was pretty funny. I hope parent this obnoxious are really few and far between. :o)