Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Listing Wednesday

1. We set up installation for a cable modem at our new place this Friday. No more "commuting" to the old apartment. Wee! The key in keeping this puppy up is either routine (like writing all/most of my entry on lunch) and opportunity. Its easier to post the more opportunity I have to get cracking on an entry.

2. I'm listening to the Strokes new album on AOL. I'm not a huge fan or anything, but I've liked most of what I've heard from them. I think I'll be looking into them in the future. Check it out if you like quirky rock bands.

3. Hubster bought me the complete Jeeves & Wooster DVD's for Christmas and we've been watching through it. Our favorite quote so far (said by Hugh Laurie, BUT OF COURSE): "You can't be a successful dictator and design women's underclothes. One or the other, not both." RIOTOUS.

4. Hubster got a book of Su Doku puzzles for Christmas and for the last several nights, we've been tackling one before we go to sleep. We're so clich├ęd, sitting there in our pajamas, scribbling away and muttering "7 or 5 there . . ." but hang it all, it's FUN! Bring on the bedtime logic puzzles!

5. The time has come for the quitting of the work. To quote Bertram Wooster, "Toodle-pip!"


Cap'n Ganch said...

My God, Sudoku can be addicting, can't it? For a while (until I started working until midnight consistently), I was trying to do one a night in bed to "keep my mind in the game."

Plankiest said...

Oh my chicken, I just googled Sudoku. This is what you kids do to unwind from a long day?

And you think it's fun?

Well, different strokes and all that. I usually chow down on a bowl of popcorn while watching Access Hollywood.

But actually, I might give this Sud thing a try.

Mair said...

I bought my brother-in-law a bok for Sudoku for Christmas. Actually, I thought of K when I bought it and figured that it was probably a piece of cake for a genuis like him.

lvs said...

DAN AND I ARE SO ADDICTED. I went home the weekend before Christmas and my mom let me try one in her book. I subsequently had to purchase my own. Then Dan had to purchase his own (as we do not work well together as Team Sudoku)... I always tell myself I'm only going to do one before bed... and then it turns into three.