Thursday, January 05, 2006

Something for Everyone

Holy Sudoku Fans, Batman! Apparently my brave proclamation yesterday got many of my readers to join me in outing themselves: we're LOUD and PROUD of our numeric logic achievements! Reason on, brave comrades. And, as if you needed another means of getting a hit, look here. Billions of free Sudoku boards. You're welcome (for the puzzles, not for the fact that you'll lose your job inside of a month).

"ENOUGH," say the non-fans, "I want content geared toward me! ME!" Very well, I will now speak of house stuff.

As I said yesterday, I will have internet tomorrow at the new house, but I'm not sure when tomorrow, so posting may be late. [SIMMER DOWN.] I will also attempt to spruce up the house enough to take pictures of the interior. This morning's foray into that territory was disheartening. Apparently, my ability to overlook clutter and mayhem does not extend into photographs. My mother was wrong about that, my room's uncleanliness notwithstanding.

By now, the non-house, non-Sudoku fans are either really angry or not reading. Fashion anyone?

I made an appointment for a haircut this Saturday. I wisened up and made it on a day in which I WILL see people instead of having fabulous, salon-styled hair and then coming home to watch TV. ANYWAY, I'm going to donate my trimmed hair to Locks of Love and cut it short again. I'm SUPER pumped about shedding the mane. It's nice having long hair, but it's driving me nuts. I have to clean out Jacque's rollers (ourRoomba) like EVERY TIME. PLUS, way easier for conferences. So, new hair pics to follow next week.

The non-hair, non-house, and non-Sudoku fans? Well, they get this one sentence.


Mair said...

Yay for Locks of Love! Can't wait to see the results. Funny, we always seem to stay on par with each other's hair. You had pixie, I had pixie. We both had long for we'll both have short! Yay!! (except that I'm growing mine out again, so we'll only be twins for a bit longer, since my hair grows like weeds in a wildflower garden!)

Plankiest said...


1st-Mair, even though I have never met you, I kinda hate you. Now don't take that personally. My hair, unlike yours, does not grow like weeds. But, I am sure that other than that, you are a perfectly lovely person. And I think I love you.

2nd-This comment is going to be so long that it should be its own post.

3rd- I am crying for joy and howling in pain at your (E, not Mair) decision to cut your hair short. I love that you are giving your lucious beautiful hair to Locks of Love. I am said that you will no longer be the owner of said lucious locks. It's okay to have both emotions, right? Because ultimately, deep down I know I am a viciously selfish person. But I can occassionally overcome those feelings when someone does something so big-hearted.

3rd-Am on my way to Wal-Mart right now to buy some Sudoku. Cannot not be only stupid person to read your blog any longer! Must be high-brow and literate! Must not thump chest after exclamation points any more! Get me funny looks in restaurants.

4th-Told you this should have been a post.

guacemily said...

Can't wait to see your hair!!!

Mair said...

Plankiest, I'm glad you don't really hate me. That's good. But, just to ease your pain, I want to tell you - fast growing hair is not always a good thing. For instance, the week before Christmas, I paid $40.00 for a haircut. It already looks different and is in that awkward growing from the cut phase. $40.00!!! Wasted for 3 weeks worth of fresh-style-cut!

And, about Sudoku...I was babysitting today and I saw a Sudoku book on the nightstand in the master bedroom! I want to clarify, that I do not own a single Sudoku puzzle. I don't know that I'm clever enough...I'm more of a social theory person - less of an anything having to do with numbers person. But, maybe I should try it anyway.