Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Listing Rediscovered

So I started out Monday morning before work by working on some images to post. Dinner on Saturday with my old friends (shout out J/J/G!) was a blast, and we got some ADORABLE pics of young G. He rocks. Anyway, I was all busy with that and then it was time to start work. So I stopped and worked. And then the night filled up with cooking, talking, 24, etc. Then it was Tuesday and the photos, though still ADORABLE seemed less appropriate for that day. So I had somewhere in the neighborhood of ten post ideas and WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENS THEN: nothing. No posts. Nada.

So it's today, and PHEW, I'm finally clicking the keys and hammering something out. Maybe a list. YEAH, I can't believe I've been forgetting that bastion of quick and easy posting: le list. Okay, a theme, a theme . . . Anticipation. And list in 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . GO.

1. This weekend kid bro #2 - Brother J - is coming to town with his girlfriend. They arrive TODAY. Weee! E, the girlfriend in question, wants to see one of the artsy Smithsonians. HOLY. AWESOME. BATMAN. We're going to have SO much fun.

2. I found an idea in my domino magazine (yes, I get not one but TWO shopping mags). They placed curtain rods ten inches out from the windows and then hung drapes that came up to but didn't cover the window. This is about the only way to add drapes to my inset kitchen window with it's ceiling that comes within an inch of the window fame (no molding on that bad boy). I had no idea if it would looking any good, but now I see that it will, PLUS it'll add a lot of color and interest to my kitchen. Huzzah for inspiration! Now, to fabric shopping, and you know . . . sewing and stuff.

3. Through my beloved domino, I also found this awesome craft-store site. It's like an ebay for crafters, and it's called Etsy. Yeah, I don't get that, but behold this seller's merchandise. SERIOUSLY? There goes any birthday/Christmas money I get for the next ten years! All y'all beaders out there (and you are legion): behold your new obsession. Also, they have some slammin' housewares and ceramics for the rest of us.

4. KD, former roommate, Maid of Honor, and all-around smartypants (said with all due respect and love) is coming up NEXT weekend. So much fun coming up, I'm getting the jitters just thinking about it . . .

5. I found this site recently and it blew me away. I've been supporting a Compassion child since freshman year of college, and it's been an amazing experience to see him grow up through his letters and photos and to know that I had a hand in that. Women for Women International offers me a chance to sponsor a woman in a war-torn country as she tries to develop the skills to support herself and her children in desperate circumstances. I think my budget may need revamping . . .

And that's it for now. How's it going with you? What are you excited about? My last attempt at an open thread failed utterly, but maybe this time you'll show me some love.


Cap'n Ganch said...

Ok, ok, ok ... LOVE


I know what it feels like to specifically ask for comments ... and get nothing. It's embarrassing, at best.

And of course, I just had to go and do it again. I'm just hoping the March 10 deadline I gave works.

sp said...

So I'm on my last spring break ever. How exciting. I'm heading to the cape some friends so that should be fun :). Have a great week and say hi to your bro for me!

E.A.P said...

Capitán Ganch - you (almost) of my readership have supported me here. Big hug! I confess to not feeling up to your challenge, but as a one good turn deserves another, one uplifting comment deserves a short-story starter. Now I'm hearing Ron Howard's voice "Erica didn't have that quite right."

sp - ROCK ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF! I'm so jealous you guys get to have a vacation house throughout the year. If it weren't a ten-hr (at least) drive, we'd totally drop in and bother your younger and hipper friends. Saved by distance, huh? Big hug to you, too, and enjoy your week o' freedom!

CharlesPeirce said...

My brother and his girlfriend are coming down this weekend and want to go to a Smithsonian. I'm not making this up. How weird is that? Should we meet or something? I kinda feel like we have to.

Mair said...

Hi friend,
I've been sick...have the flu and have been sick since Monday. We might be going to New Castle this weekend to see my parents and Gram, but we'll see. I'm still couched. On the upside, I've been playing hookie from school all week. I even had nice colleagues teach my classes for me today. And I watched Rent, and it was terrible. Do not waste your time. It was so boring. Even Moses hated it.

Anyway, have fun with your bro.