Monday, March 27, 2006

I don't care if you don't want links, I'm not your short-order cook!

No time to post much today. Excellent, excellent weekend filled with almost nothing but time with Hubster before his schedule heats up. Instead of a big ole post, some links I've been meaning to pass along anyhow.

FINALLY, a use for all that bother, pain, and iron dificiency: check this out. I hope this works because that is some sweet technology it could help us achieve. Regenerating hearts? Seriously!? Awesome.

is so cool, I think I'm going to cry from all the laughing of looking at it every day. There's only one post up right now, but it's so brilliant, it MUST continue. Yoga fans - meet your new favorite yogi!

is why McSweeney's is so awesome. It is a send-up of all the reasons that we twenty-something, college-educated and yet spectacularly immature people think having children right now is a bad idea. I might add the one about how if I get pregnant Hubster has to change the cat's litter boxes for nine months, but that's too minor to tarnish a list in which the following statement about child-bearing/rearing is proclaimed: "It's a scam."

And that's all for now, lads and lasses.

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