Friday, March 24, 2006

Technically, she's half in the "box."

[I was going to name this entry with the day of the week to match the rest of the Fyfs offerings this week, but I figured this one was too good to pass up. "Half out of the bag" being a hilarious phrase I have long thought pleasant to the ear. Plus, I'm avoiding temptation because all I thought of when I noticed that trend was Day of the Week underwear and how much I want a set. I'm being a good girl here, mmmkay?]

On my lunch, I wandered in to the kitchen and discovered that the extra roast beef we buy and then thaw wasn't thawed. At all. I set it in the fridge yesterday, and I figured 20 hours or so should be enough. WRONG.

I went to plan B and made some tuna. Whilst draining it, Loki caught a whiff of that sweet, sweet fish and cranked the begging to 11, necessitating that I forfeit at least a third in Divine Feline Fees. Persephone and Loki were pleased, but like the corrupt overlords they have proven to be, they ganged up on me and managed to me me flip my tuna-mixing fork onto the ground, showering it with a few more tasty morsels. Tyrants!

Anyhow, I was about to head downstairs to munch my tuna sandwich and browse some blogs when I noticed Persephone pouncing on a Honey Nut Cherrios box. This is not unusual, especially since a paw was fighting back from the box. I shewed her away, and snapped a couple of successful pics and several successful blurs of black fur and orange "Whole Grain" marketing-speak. But it was worth it.

I can't tell if this is totally adorable or adorable, yet mildly frightening. It depends on if her eyes appear more "pokemon character of love" or "eyes in the woods of horror." Decisions, decisions.


Mair said...

I think it's pretty cute, though I could see how it might be scary...Loki being a black cat and all. I can't wait to meet her. Hope you are doing well. We should talk soon, cause I miss you.

Don Quixote said...

That is an AWESOME picture. Just the "evil eye" staring out from the box. It gives me chills.