Friday, September 08, 2006

Finished and Fixin' To Leave

So I finished the dress. I used Simplicity #4072. It was decent, but I need to do some tweaking meaning that this version will be more of a muslin (meaning that you try out the pattern and need to make some adustments so this piece turns out to be unwearable in public). It's a little bigger than I wanted, especially through the shoulders (for once!), but though there's enough space for the bustline, it's poorly fitted and causes gaps in the neckline making any unsuspecting passerby privy to my preferred bra style. I've found fixes for most of the picky issues: (1) size down one or two times because this pattern runs big and has a lot of ease to boot, (2) apply an FBA (full bust adjustment) to smaller size to make room where I need it (bustline) not where I don't (shoulder, back width, etc.), (3) adjust neckline to prevent gapping, and (4) consider losing the interfacing for the neckline unless my fabric is really flimsy (I used a structured cotton for my contrast this time and it did NOT need the interfacing). Again I say unto you, THE INTERNET IS A BLESSED, BLESSED PLACE.

I'm a little disappointed because the fabrics ROCKED (especially the dark brown bodice/skirt one. Pretty! Still, I'll wear it around the house where flashing people my bra is not diparaged but is, in fact, somewhat encouraged.

And now I have to go pack because for my birthday weekend, we're going to Joshua and Mair's! Ciao, bellos!

Kimono-style tie, crappy-style photography. Weeee!


Plankiest said...

Wow! It's adorable!

Happy Birthday. (Belated, of course.)

What did you and Hubs do to celebrate?

Love ya!

Em said...

Love the dress- Happy Birthday!!!