Friday, September 29, 2006

Status Report

Storage Situation: Abysmal

Basement Shelving Unit: Nearly built

Work Desk: Snowed in by paper.

Kitchen: Rather tidy and clean.

Bedroom: About to undergo furniture change.

Guest bedroom: About to be partially furnished at last.

Cats: Bratty and food-obsessed. Also cute.

Hubster: On the good list, right at the top. Hott.

Your Queen: Tired, achy from yoga, anticipating IKEA trip tomorrow, wondering when I'll finally get the damn camera and all gear in one place at one time, oh, and hungry. [Apparently free wings from local happy hour have worn off. Time for snackies!]

You: Enjoying your weekend, by royal demand. Right? Right.


Don Quixote said...

That's funny. This Don's Dulcinea is also at IKEA today (Saturday). She calls it "a place of wonder."

Here are some other people's thoughts:

(That link was for roorides)

lvs said...

Darling. Have you sent me your address yet, or have I simply misplaced it. Either way, I'd love to have it, for reasons which shall be undisclosed.