Monday, September 18, 2006

Status: Wordy. So Normal. (UPDATED)

Shout out to my Oxford-bound homey. What up, Hans?

Hubster spent most of the weekend on the couch. Fine, he moved around but he was "taking it easy" as exhorted. That made it rather tough to do all the home-improvementy things we intended to do. We've decided to schedule things out on Sundays and trying to accomplish chunks of the projects every day. Last week was our first shot. PHEW, I'm so glad we got organized in time for a cold!

Friday night, I headed out for Girl's Night with Betty and her peeps. We saw The Last Kiss. We swooned over the music and Braff, but were somewhat stymied by the plot and some dialogue. It is NOT Garden State. The movie focuses on relationships in crisis, so it's not a feel-good like GS. Honestly, there were some lovely moments in the movie, and there were some ugly moments in the movie, and there were some overly melodramatic moments courtesy of too many storylines and the writer who brought us Crash, so no big shock there. Worth seeing if you like a serious drama about human relationship. Otherwise, meh. Verdict: I'm glad I went, but that might also be due to the street sign I snapped whilst there (picture above). Glad Betty and crew were so lovely. Oh, and we had Blue Moons afterward at a local Irish pub where a real, live Irishman lead us all in Irish bar songs. Can't beat that with a stick.

UPDATE: I just read lvs' take on the movie, and I can totally see where she's coming from, so if you're considering seeing it, you should read hers, too. Carry on . . .

And yesterday, I finally finished these:

FINE! That's only one. I KNOW. The light was streaming in, making it tough to get a good shot of the windowed doors toward the backyard. There are two doors and these valences hang on the curtain rods attached to the doors. The previous owners left us exactly TWO curtain rods in the entire house, and those were the ones. It was interested to experiment with such wide ones, and I think the curtains look pretty good on them. Yet another interesting print in the living room. Fortunately, I have some left over and I'm eyeing an IKEA lampshade to cover. We'll see how soon I'm feeling brave.

As to how the rest of us are feeling? Hubster and Persephone are feeling camera-shy (but better):

Loki is feeling adventurous and loving the tight spaces in the Propel case. (It should be noted that the compartment she's in is only half of the case, oh and Kashi owes me some product placement payout. I'll take it in GoLean Crunch, please.)

And I'm feeling a weeeee bit proud of myself for continuing to love my haircut despite the fact that I haven't radically altered it in several weeks. Ooo, it's probably been well over a month now! Now I just need a cookie. Excuse me.


Mair said...

I would just like to point out that you've been using the phrase "shake a stick at" rather often in your recent posts. I think it's been three times now. (not like I'm counting...;o)

lvs said...

So hey, I just read your comments on the movie now, and I hope you don't think I was responding to (i.e. bashing) your opinions. Not my intent! That said, I totally agree with you about the Danner/Wilkinson plotline. Dan and I came out thinking they were, by far, the most sympathetic characters.

I do hope you read the Pajiba review - it's beyond priceless.


E.A.P said...

Mair - this time it was "beat that with a stick" but sticks HAVE been figuring more largely in my vocabulary. I shall endeavor to find alternate expression. Or make a big deal about sticks like some sort of regular feature. Whichever garners the most stats. >;)

lvs - I am absolutely positive that we came to different conclusions separately, and I'm NOT offended at all. Interestingly, I've done more thinking about the movie, and I really think I identified with some of the characters because of our cultural melee more than because they were actually authentic. I mean, how many stereotypical characters were there? Braff himself was the Nice Guy Unsure of Committment, and I've met lots of those guys, but there was no reason for him to get that way, there was no character development in the film, he just suddenly wanted to get into RB's boho miniskirt. The more I think about the movie, the more I agree with you (and Pajiba, which I read consistently because they ROCK) - it wasn't a masterpiece. It was just an escape with hip music. But I guess I enjoyed my Friday night, and I'm sorry that it didn't make your anniversary lovely. Hugs!