Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Workaholic Weekend

This weekend was hellaciously productive. Hubster and I (not given to things like "tidying" or "scrubbing" under normal circumstances cleaned the house compulsively on Friday night and Saturday nights. I shopped for home and garment fabrics along with the largest collection of crazy do-it-yourselfers I've ever waited in line for fabric-cutting with (somewhere, my English teacher's eyes have spontaneously begun bleeding). Then I made a skirt, painted the newly-finished section of our laundry room which should soon be sporting the beautiful pine shelves Hubster partially constructed all weekend. In between those activities, I had time to go shopping with Betty for 4 hours and take an hour-long walk with Hubster in some local trails.

I am tired.

But I have some pictures to show for it:

This picture was certainly NOT taken in an H&M store where I was vigorously informed by an employee that I was NOT allowed to take pictures. Why would I have occasion to flout that, even if this blouse is an 80's throwback desperately in need of burning because FOR THE LOVE OF ZEUS, LEAVE THE AWFUL, SHEER, SHINY, UNSHAPELY, SWISS-DOT BLOUSES OUT OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY? (Let's observe a moment of silence for my English teacher, who is undoubtedly on her deathbed at this point.)

Now, some nature, because after that, we all need soothing:

Soothalicious vines and rocky formations.

Nature reclaims all things. Even large, wheely bits of industry.

See the water rush by and give no thought to sartorial atrocities.

And now for something completely different: the second installment of Erica's Budgetary Crimes and Misdemeanors. After the failure of The Shoes recently, Betty and I took an lovely, though admittedly ill-advised trip through Anthropologie during our marathon in Georgetown, and lo, I caved again:

This is not a direct replacement of the statement shoe I was going for last time (duh), but it's definitely a statement piece. It's so rare that I find a long sweater that makes me look as though I possess a waistline. What makes the sweater is its unique closure element. The day I learn to knit, I'm making eight of them. Seriously awesome. Also, expensive. I will be splitting this expense over a couple of months because OUCH. Yeah, I'll save you the trouble of looking it up. See? In my defense they had only a couple left and none in the alternate color, making it doubtful that they'd make it to the sale rack. So I have a new favorite sweater, and I won't be buying many this year, but I'm perfectly happy because, even if the colors look wonky with my bad lighting, this is cool:

That's the skirt, too. Please don't ask me where the fabric came from. I might let slip that I pulled a Sound of Music with some curtain fab . . . oh, poo.


CharlesPeirce said...

If I ever turn British and start a rock band, I'm definitely calling it

Large, wheely bits of industry.

You can be in it if you want.

Mair said...

Ouch is right! But, you now own an object whose proper name contains the word "squiggle", and that, dear, is worth the price.

yay.......3 days!

J. Morgan Caler said...

Great sweater, be not ashamed.

Graceful Peaceful German Fischer said...

Inspiring! You need to get into reupholstery - it's the next level in fabric/domestic insanity.

GMack said...

I've been reading a lot about H&M. They are quite a facinating company and what they have done to the luxury fashion market.