Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Linking Wednesday

Today's links are RANDOM with a capital R, A, N, etc. But they're great so whatever.

1. I won't say about September 11th. It's been done better by others, including this McSweeney's piece by John Hodgman. It's called Welcoming Remarks Made At A Literary Reading, 9/25/01, and it's quite illuminating. Here's a long quote, but a good one:
I have heard a lot recently about the role of writing, song, music, painting, in the tragic blank space in our souls that this event has left behind. Of course, this preoccupation is largely a result of an unconscious bias of the media. If pig farmers had as much currency with NPR as literary novelists, we would be hearing just as much about the healing power of bacon. And knowing that power well, I can say that it is certainly comparable to the reading of a sensitive short story as far as comfort goes; and yet both fall far below the direct aid that is being passed from person to person, below Chambers Street, in our homes, on the phone with strangers, with an actual touch, in the actual, nonsymbolic, unannotated world of grief in which we live. The great temptation is to be silent, forever, in sympathy.

2. My mom reminded me about this site. If you're looking for Christian theological and devotional material, you might want to check out the extensive and free Christian Classic Library. You've got everything from Early Church Fathers to Kierkegaard (I checked 'cause I'm a groupie like that).

3. And now to practical matters: are you as terrified as I am that you'll lose your cellphone contacts thereby losing touch with a million and one acquaintances? Check this out: Zyb is a service that backs up your contacts and will sync them with computer contact programs for FREE. Apparently, you can also share those contacts with others. Sounds sweet to me. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for we few Nextel subscribers, but it covers 200 different models, so it might work for you. I'll be sitting, envying, and manually entering over here.

4. Ladies, for a good skincare, cosmetics, and haircare site, you can't beat Delush with stick. Real women give reviews on all manner of products from L'Oreal to Chanel in price range. If I'm considering a purchase, particularly if it's because of marketing or in a fashion magazine, I usually check out their site and see if it stacks up. Love it!


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