Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Linking Thursday

Before this post turns into a pumpkin at midnight, I thought I'd link a little.

1. I've done a site-design or two for fellow bloggers, but if you want instant gratification, this set of free templates is pretty snappy. Some of them are quite nice-looking and not yet popular enough to be recognizable. Semi-uniqueness - weeeee!

2. This rather acerbic article on Slate is about how everyone should stop trying to be funny. It's an interesting set of observations on a national obsession. I'm not sure I agree with all their conclusions, but I found it worth the read. Let me know what you think in the comments, if you bother to hunker down and click.

3. Total switcheroo - this article is tough stuff. NYTimes reporting on a Canadian man who was pulled from a return vacation trip and then sent to Syria, imprisoned for 10 months, and then tortured with the full-knowledge of the US of A. Scary stuff.

4. Switcheroo Number Two: McSweeney's strikes again! "The Recording Industry Will Destroy You." Enjoy!

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der Panzerkardinal said...

Hey, E.A.P.,

Is it very complicated to learn how to make one of these blog templates? Are there instructions anywhere that tell you how to do it? Most of what I find are just things like how to change fonts and colors, etc.

muchas gracias