Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Yesterday I remembered that we had library books due so I walked over and dropped them off. I picked up some new ones, too: Patagonia: Natural History, Prehistory, and Ethnography at the Uttermost End of the Earth and The Penguin History of Latin America. GEEK.

After returning from the library, I settled in to cut out a new shirt for myself and, as usual, it took too long. I finished cutting the curved armholes and neck facings at 12:30am. It's one of those annoying tasks that you just want to finish so that the next time you pick up the project, you can start the actual garment assembly. GEEK.

I stacked the pieces neatly by the sewing machine and crossed the hall to the bedroom to get ready for bed. I crawled into bed and couldn't resist my just-arrived guidebook Lonely Planet Argentina for a bedtime story about the history and culture of Argentina. Say it with me: GEEK.

Now I'm torn between competing obsessions: read my books or sew my shirt?

Fortunately three different family members called this evening, and I enjoyed one of my other hobbies (which they probably wish were more of an obsession): chatting up my peeps.


Mair said...

you may be a geek, but I still think you're hot.

Megan said...

The churro seconds that!!

(Churro aka Megan of suite 213)