Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fever

I've had a fever of over 100ºF all day. I woke up at 100.3º and after calling in sick and convalescing for 10 hours, I was up to 101.6º. When your skin is tender and it hurts to move your hair follicles, you have a problem. I've since hit the Tylenol pretty hard, but I'm still only half here. I skipped blogging last night because I felt so bad, but I hoped a full night of rest might help. Not so much. Weirdly, I avoided getting sick from Hubster a couple of weeks ago, so I'm not sure were it came from. I could actually feel my throat swelling progressively throughout the choral service on Sunday night, but I made it through. I just hoped that with the Zicam and other things I was trying, it would work out better. Sometimes the bugs just getcha.

I would write more, but even this much is getting tiring. Y'all be good and wash your hands after reading this entry. Just in case.


sp said...

I hope you feel better soon!!

Graceful Peaceful German Fischer said...


E.A.P said...

Thanks, girls. You're like cyber chicken soup. Except that I hate chicken soup. So, cyber tasty lozenges. Nice.