Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas, Peasants!

It's been a mad, mad season here in blustery Michigan, but I think we can declare Christmas a rousing success. We've been hanging out with old friends, seeing family constantly, and gorging ourselves on the obligatory fat of the land. Or just delicious cookies as the mood strikes us.

I got some good swag, so yay for me! My brother had me name on the Christmas gift exchange this year, and he hooked me up with some rather awesome shoes and a cute sweater. The gifts for the other bro (whom I had) were well received, mainly because of the presence of all three seasons of Arrested Development on DVD. (Bless you, Amazon, bless you for saving my Christmas-shopping bacon.) I have yet to hear how well or - potential horror of horrors - ill-received my homemade gifts might be from the sisters-in-law, but they can be forgiven for stringing me along since they're currently in Florida, and they have no power. Yes, folks, the in-laws traveled to snow-stormless Florida only to lose power. It'll be an old-fashioned Christmas for them if the electric company doesn't get on that.

Other than that, it's been calm. I'll write more (and post shocked present-opening pictures) when I get the chance. Since I earlier mentioned this would be Royal Gloating Week, I'll post pictures of the presents I managed to craft all by myself. Tomorrow my uncle's taking us on another drive through Detroit, so I have another excuse to promise you pictures and then not deliver like last time. Sweeeeet.

Happy Holidays, loyal subjects. Now go find yourself something more interesting to do. Eat some food. Hug a nearby family member, maybe a beloved pet. No, seriously stop reading.

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Em said...

Happy holidays! Sorry to have missed you and K. Saturday...