Sunday, December 03, 2006

School-Night Blogging

Remember the "school night" concept - that annoying way mom would remind you that "You need to be in bed right this second lady/mister because tomorrow is a [wait for it . . .] SCHOOL NIGHT. NOW. BED." Mmm, those were the days. Except that they're still the days because if you swap out "school" for "work" it's not as catchy, but it's an almost identical concept. Although I do get to stay up past 10pm, so BONUS for me.

Without "school" the next day, I tend to throw myself into my evening and leave out the blogging bit. Hence no Friday entries anymore. I know, it's sad and you cry about it sometimes. I'm going to change all that by adding a blog on Sunday. I usually do it in the evenings anyhoodle, and y'all check my blogs on "school" days more than Fridays, too, so everyone wins. Except maybe for you because this will probably turn out to be a phase. Tune in next week when Erica completely forgets her solemn vow!

Okay, things other than meta-blogging. Hmmm. Oh, I know, Erica's Creative Overextension. I started sewing more lately, but I've got a million little ideas and nowhere to go with them. I want to make an advent calendar because I am a sucker for a countdown. But what fabrics shall I use? How shall I get numbers on the pockets? If I were to applique them on, would I shoot myself by number 7 or would I hold out till 18? Who knows. We've got some leftover slabs of pine from the basement shelf construction, but covering it with fabric and using it for the calendar, while lovely and sturdy, seems like sending a sledge hammer to swat a mosquito. We'll see what happens. Also, I've decided to try to sew as many gifts as possible. Am I nuts? Like a filbert (sorry but that word was too cool NOT to sneak in)!

But re: time-sensitive calendar: Why did I not commence sewing advent calendars before we were in the throws of the season? Because I am flighty and cannot work ahead, duh! I've finally decided to embrace it, though, so I can't avoid trying every year that I'm just past December 1st. If I finish with three days to spare, do I still have a lovely calendar for next year? Why yes I do. If I wait till I get it right next year, I'll never actually do it. My mom and I did that with stockings for something like 8 years, so lesson learned. Ahem, hopefully.

Okay, I'm off to sew and then probably get really cozy with my seam ripper. Later!


JO said...

Last year I made one, and though not nearly as fancy as the one you are setting out to craft, I am fond of it. Maybe I'll post a picture on G's blog. Happy Advent. JO

Anonymous said...

Your domesticity causes me much jealousness. I only hope that I can be as cute of a wife as you are. (Is it too soon to begin my countdown? We are at 328 days...I want to make a paper chain like Rachel and I did for graduation, but it seems too ambitious right now...who feels like cutting 328 strips of paper?) Hope things are going well...I miss you!

-Megan (a.k.a. Churro)

Justin said...

Domesticity is overrated. I'm like a savage, untamed beast of virility and... savagery. Sometimes I don't even take my clothes out of the dryer until I need them...

Plankiest said...

No advent calendar is complete without room for chocolates! Make sure you keep that in mind!

E.A.P said...

JO - post it! I lurve me some pictures of your life. Post them, I say! (Hugs)

Churro, My Love - That's WAY too much dedication, I think. Still, if it makes you feel better, I loved watching the numbers countdown on my knot homepage. Not that I checked it everyday or anything. Ahem, I've said too much.

Justin - WOH, someone has some ISSUES if my post on my domestic endeavors raises your heckles so mightily. RELAX, hombre. We use the dryer for storage, too.

Plankiest - You speak the truth, but you complicate my plans. Curse you. And bless you. Excuse me, I need to eat some chocolate.