Thursday, December 07, 2006

Go Ahead, Live-blogging, Make My Day

This morning I woke up, got ready, and (GASP) I LEFT MY HOUSE FOR WORK STUFF. I know, I was scared for me, too. Let's tackle this chronologically, shall we? It'll be like live-blogging, except taped. Like Oprah!

Background (Show Intro): Part of my duties market research, and homeschoolers are difficult little suckers to nail down. I decided to hie me to a big library, preferably collegiate. Enter McKeldin Library, University of Maryland, College Park (stage right).

12:45pm - I drove down without incident, asked for help and found the parking garage closest to the library - look at me, being adult and capable.

1:15 - Talked to a very nice librarian who showed me some things to try. I decide to find a computer terminal to start searching. DURING TERM PAPER WEEK. My timing is, as always, impeccable.

1:23 - I checked both main computer labs for free terminals. Nada.

1:28 - The second computer lab was upstairs near the Government Documents Library. I decided to talk to those librarians, while I waited for a computer to free up and hell to freeze over since the two events would appear to coincide handily.

1:30 - I met two very sweet (very nerdy) librarians. They still didn't find much for me, but they gave me lots of interesting leads and they were delightful people with whom to conduct a bootless search for long-necked waterfowl (that is geese, not homeschoolers who have the usual variation in homo sapien neck lengths).

2:27 - Wrapped up with them and managed to find a terminal. Searched for an hour.

3:34 - I hadn't yet had lunch. I found the student union on the way back to the car, stopped in and had Chick-fil-a. Handy thing, too, because I didn't manage to eat dinner. (Foreshadowing - it's not just for novels anymore!)

4:02 - At the end of my meal, I was about 3 miles away from IKEA, and I had a return to make. Fill in the blank.

4:13 - I returned two wall-mounted wine racks which weren't working for us (even though they were really cool - wah). I bought the duvet for the second bedroom and our nightstands (at last). I also bought a ceiling light for the hallway because right now, the one we have? HIDEOUS. HEINOUS even. Plus it's falling apart and it hangs down low enough that tall people hit their heads. Not exactly welcoming. Oh, OH, and it takes those faux-candle lightbulbs which I never remember to buy.

5:30 - I packed up the car and hit the dusty road home.

5:50 - Arrived home to very hungry cats. Fed cats.

5:52 - Took opportunity to unload car while they were preoccupied with food to prevent jailbreak. (Note: Cats have really been on the lookout for an open door lately. Even Tiny's been into it. Must check house for tunnels and confiscate any digging implements.)

5:57 - Headed upstairs and commenced unpacking and assembling one nightstand. Because I am an idiot, that's why.

7:09 - Left for choir ten minutes late because I got engrossed in assembly. Realize I'll need to have Hubster drill holes in one thing and help me move another anyway. Whine to no one in particular.

7:32 - Arrived at choir, which was already underway. Practice went well, especially the part where we got out early. Yay, more time for nightstands!

8:51 - Unlocked door to find Persephone RIGHT THERE, trying to sneak out. (Note: The day they learn to leap without stopping to smell the air and whatnot, well, we're totally SCREWED.)

9:00 - SCRUBS. Enjoyed a beer while I watched. Sat down and didn't budge to do a thing for the first time all day.

9:32 - The show was over. Time to assemble the second nightstand!

10:21 - Finished assembly of both nightstands. I broke out sheets and the new duvet and decided to make both beds - master and guest. My father (The King Of Putzing Away EveningsTM) would be proud.

11:45 - Done that, tidied up both rooms, put our freshly-cleaned duvet on OUR comforter, and generally putzed away too much time. Realized that I haven't yet blogged today. Headed downstairs.

12:53am - Finished reading through edits and decided to post. I wish this format made me funnier, but y'all, I'm TIRED.

Credits: Me. Whoever invented live-blogging. IKEA. UofMd. Chick-fil-a. Yuengling. And my cats, who never fail to get on top of sheets and blankets I'm attempting to arrange. Thank you, and good night.


Bee said...

I have to ask, why didn't the wine racks work? The boyfriend and I have seen those and were planning on getting them at some point. Since returns require a 4-5 hour drive (each way) for us, I don't want to hate myself (or worse Ikea) for buying them.

Also, the other links didn't work so I couldn't see the new duvet, nightstands, and hall light.

E.A.P said...

Thanks for pointing out the linkage problem! It's all fixed now.

Okay the wine racks didn't work for a couple of reasons. We wanted to put at least one side of each of them on a stud for proper support and our studs were not well spaced for it to look right. The other reason was that some bottles of wine didn't fit. Your standard 750mL bottles did, but we had a reserve Chardonnay with a wider bell to the bottle which didn't work. I happen to like reserve Chardonnays, so I figured that didn't really work. If you don't mind storing weird bottles somewhere else or just not buying them, it would work perfectly. Hopee that helps!