Sunday, December 10, 2006

Picture Post: Because I Can Edition

I should have photoshopped the sky in place our ceiling for dramatic effect.

Friday and Saturday, Hubster and I cleaned and picked up the house. He installed the new hall lamp all by his non-electrocuted self. (It looks like a boat portal from this angle. I've always liked portals.) He also installed our coat hooks:

Sweet Fancy Moses, I DO LOVE my coat hooks.

We picked up our room and the guest room for our dinner/overnight guests last night, plus finished attaching our new nightstands, so our bedroom looks better than ever:

Mr. T and Southwest came over for dinner. We had Roasted Garlic & Potato Soup with crusty bread, Broccoli, Cheese & Rice Casserole, and mini pumpkin pies with crumble topping. DELISH! I'll share some recipes soon (especially the mini pumpkin pies as soon as I can wrest it from Southwest). After dinner we hit up a local municipal's holiday lights display. It was pretty cool, although some things were more related to the season than others. Like this, for instance, was not really related:

Shouting out to one's homeboys, however, is always in season.

We came back and watched The Polar Express, and while the visuals were stunning, the pseudo-human animation was as creepy as critics said it was when the movie came out. Fortunately, there were a lot of scenic shots to make up for it.

After the movie we hit the hay. We woke up to head our for church and had a lovely service, although Mr. T and Southwest went to see the Messiah performed at another church so I don't know how they faired - hope their sopranos didn't suck or that's service! A lazy afternoon slipped into a late departure for the evening advent choral service for me, but I made it in time to sing, and the readings were beautiful.

Now it's beddy-bye, night-night, kiddos. I think my throat might be swollen, so let's hope I don't awaken to a full-blown cold!


Bee said...

Do you like your nightstands? We've been eye-ing them. God Bless Ikea!

Beth said...

"players" hahaha, that's classic!