Monday, December 04, 2006

Listing Monday for a Change

With the whole "blogging on Sunday" thing, I can start with the mediocre lists one day earlier. Sweet.

1. Yesterday's sewing? Coup d'etat, friends. I created a pattern for something from scratch, from PURE GREY MATTER, and then I executed most of it and it looks AWESOME. Just a little finish work and it will be all set to rock someone's fragile, giftee world. Unfortunately, I can't share this on my blog because, well, the recipient reads my blog. Almost all the recipients of gifts read my blog at some point or another, and I can't afford a leak.

2. As a direct result, I've dubbed the week after Christmas a Royal Gloating Week where there will be pictures and excessive details about my crafty adventures. Let the countdown BEGIN!

3. Have you met my cats? They're cute! (Blow up the one of Tiny - she looks hilarious but with all the shadows and bicycle parts in the picture, it's hard to see what's going on. Little is straight-forwardly scrumptious.)

4. I'm slowly making progress on the Christmas shopping. In the past I've shopped early, but this year's been a battle. Between making some and searching high and low for my perfectionist's definition of The Gift For [Insert Name], it's been harder than usual to just take a good idea and find it efficiently. I'm looking forward to winding down the neurosis and neurotic sewing for some quiet seasonal reflection. At this rate, that'll happen around December 22nd. When I'm packing to leave the state and all gifts must be stowed.

5. I found this method holiday peppermint vanilla handwash at Target, and it's strangely delicious. I can't stop smelling my hands. They almost went too nuts on the essential oils and didn't add quite enough of the "baked goods" edge that Bath & Body Works seems to think the American people require in their scented body products. Still, it's adding intrigue to a mundane task, so not only will I take it, but I will also use it to increase the mediocrity quotient around here. Method strikes again!

Wow, suddenly it's almost midnight, and I need to post this thing. Sleep tight!


Cap'n Ganch said...

O, Method League. Thou art miss'd.

Cap'n Ganch said...

Also, can you send me your mailing address for a Christmas Card fiasco I'm planning?

Mair said...

"the "baked goods" edge that Bath & Body Works seems to think the American people require in their scented body products."

Hilarious. I really don't like the baked goods smelly lotions. I really don't want to smell like caramal apple cider or something. I want to smell like a woman (which in my estimation does not small like sugar and spice and everything nice...but rather, smells like Ralph Lauren's Glamorous).

Plankiest said...

Oh goodness!

I got that method soap too! As well as the frosted cranberry! I am hard pressed to choose a favorite.

Also? White Barn Candle Company committed the funniest atrocity ever! (About a year ago.) Are you ready?

They made a candle called......

Buttered Mashed Potatoes.


E.A.P said...

Cap'n - Your old email address doesn't work. Email me from your new one. Oh, and I do miss the Method League. We were supposed to propel each other to the big time, man. Sniff.

Mair - Nice. You do smell glamorous, so something's working.

Plankiest - Ooo, big spender with TWO holiday handwashes! AND WHAT IS THIS ABOMINATION UNTO THE GODS THAT WHITE BARN CANDLE COMPANY HATH WROUGHT? Gah, gah, and GAH. Never speak of it again!

No One In Particular: My word verification is "goyuo" and I like it. Try pronouncing it any which way. Fun times!

Mair said...

buttered mashed potatoes???? So weird. Did it smell good? I can't see how it could. What are they going to make next? Baby-back ribs and collard greens??