Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'm sorry, but 2007? COME ON!!

Happy seventh day of Christmas! I hope there are no swans in sight, unless of course you wanted them, but even then I hope you got fewer than seven because those are some large, mean birds and that had better be a large habitat you've got for them or the feathers will be flying in short order.

[You're confused. Think back to the carol about the days of Christmas. Yup, the long repetitive one. Start at the beginning NOT backward from twelve cause them you'll get lost somewhere around day nine or ten and your mind will wander among leaping lords and milkmaids for hours. You know what, just google it. There it is, and the joke wasn't even worth it. I don't know why you keep reading either. What can I say? We autocratic rulers like to remain inscrutable and at least vaguely aggravating.]

ANYHOW, we made it to Indy and are whiling away the hour until it's time to leave for the game - Colts v. Dolphins. Yesterday we went to see Jefe's musical which was delightful. This evening after the game, we'll be headed back to the casa for the New Year festivities and something called "Banana Split Martinis," I believe. Also champagne. Mmmm. I'm so glad I'm feeling better so I can enjoy it all. Everything but the cough is gone, so I'm pleased with my recovery.

I'm less than pleased with the fact that it's almost 2007. I can't fathom the pace of this (nearly) past year. I don't have any resolutions lined up just yet, aside from the usual ones of drinking more water and cleaning the house just the teensiest bit more frequently. Still, it's hard for me to avoid the powerful symbolism of the clean slate, so what the hey, let's hope 2007 is the year of . . . um, great hair. No, the year of . . . mad money and relentless happiness!

May your 2007 be equally as fabulous! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

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Plankiest said...

Yay! It was so good to see you! If only that pesky husband of yours and that pesky family of mine weren't around! Then we could have had some real talk time! *sigh* Next time!