Sunday, February 25, 2007

FyF First: Picture Post Week.

Hubster and I went away for the weekend - away to the city which makes us its suburbanites. I know, when we do something, we really know how to get it done. We dream big; we're dreamers. And we also like to shoot us some pictures. And I'm going to burn them off all week. Because content is scarce, people, we took a lot of sweet snaps. So enjoy the FyF's First Ever Picture Post Week. (Pomp and flair for the dramatic enhanced this evening by the fact that I'm watching the Oscars and blogging on commercial breaks. My wardrobe provided by chain boutiques and Vogue purse patterns.)

Moi, at the Mall, with some strange arm positioning.

We pricelined our hotel, landing the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill, a fairly swanky, and satisfactory homebase from which to launch operations to the National Portrait Gallery, Chinatown during the Georgetown/Pitt game (oopsies!), M & S Grill, and, of course, our nation's hott legislative HQ, the Capitol Building.

Preview of Coming Attractions: Some fantastic Capitol images, like this one from Hubster.

Today it started snowing in the morning and laid down 4 inches before switching to everyone's favorite "wintery mix." I could not resist this little tree while waiting for a train at a Metro station.

Moi, enjoying the flavors of the city. Also cold.


OG said...

Whoa! This is so weird. Jer has been at the Hyatt this weekend late Saturday through Tuesday. He's at the same conference as last year. Isn't that weird?!?! Great pics. You look darling as ever!

Mair said...

I have that scarf.

rachel said...

Hans and I probably passed you on the street at some point this weekend. Not that we would be ones to ruin a hot date with lots of yelling and waving. That doesn't sound like anything we would do.

Maybe it's good we didn't run into one another.

E.A.P said...

Og - Weird, indeed. I can't believe we managed to miss him while staying in the same freakin' hotel! We were on vacation time, though, so he was probably holed up in sessions. Too bad. Thanks for the compliments, though. Miss you!

Mair - I love that we have the same scarf. It does seem very "Mair," now that I think of it. Also, T minus four days and counting!

Rachel - We missed you, too? Man. We totally would have screamed and waved, too, just for future reference. I'm sure the local citizenry are grateful we missed each other.