Thursday, February 22, 2007

Puff Goes the Cat Tail

Yesterday, I finished writing my post and pushed my chair away from my desk for bed time. There was much yowling and the cats jumped backward, their tails looking like giant pipe cleaners. I still have no idea how I startled them so much; I didn't roll backward that abruptly, either. They just lost it. And of course, I had to humiliate them with snaps. Because I love.

Tiny's tail is currently three sizes too big.

Little's tail's not too small either.


Mair said...

I think it's so scary when that happens! Luckily, Moses is too apathetic to ever let his tail get big.

Plankiest said...

I love poofy tail! I think it's because it resembles a squirrel's tail. And since I can never run my hand down a squirrel's tail, I go for the next best thing. Except it is always disappointing. It doesn't feel any poofier than normal.

I think it would be pretty cool if cats actually sprouted more tail fur when they got poofy tail.

Also, it reminds me of Hobbes from Calvin & Hobbes. He had the cutest poofy tail.

Em said...

I remember my cat Levi doing that when he was startled. I'd always feel a bit guilty as I'd laugh at him... poor fella.

Sarah said...

Simon gets himself startled by something at least once a day. Maybe it's a computer chair thing. I rolled casually back from mine yesterday and walked into the kitchen to see a new animal standing there, one completely made of electrosocketed fur.

I too love puffy tail. I always run over to him crooning, "Puffy Tail! Why puffy tail?" and pick him up so I can run my hand down it and make it look normal.

He hates this.