Monday, February 19, 2007

Lots of Snow and Dress Shopping

The sights, sounds, quips and profound realizations of an entire week are difficult to condense. I know I can't do it justice. Working from home at someone else's home through a two-day snow storm was alternately fun and frustrating - fun when the comraderie was high, the kitty was about, and I knew I'd use the time for the end of the week's slacking off. It was less fun when friends and family discussed the details of their current slacking off. I felt left out, what can I say? I did manage to visit the office on my last day in Indiana to catch up with coworkers. I'm also fully registered, including flights and hotel (Westin, here I come!!!) for Photoshop World East 2007. I'm so pumped! I'm missing Holy Week (which I'm NOT pumped about, especially considering how richly rewarding it was last year), but it's still going to rock my face clean off of my head. Permit me a dorkish "W00T!" (Thank you.)

Thursday afternoon, I picked up my one-way rental at the combination National Car Rental/health food store (where else?) and headed south for my former-roomie's digs at University of Kentucky law school. I had an uneventful trip, thankfully, despite the snow and Indy traffic, and I arrived in time to enjoy a late dinner with her and her fiance. That night, K-dog and I managed to talk until 4am. I believe we've now done this enough times to demonstrate that our "tired" brain signals don't work around each other. It's all in the name of science for these one-semester science majors!

K-dog and I amused ourselves the next day by shopping for dresses as Dillard's while we talked. We were looking for a dress suitable for a wedding she had to attend in a couple of weeks, but we found tons of adorable dresses on clearance, so we settled for two each. I got an adorable semi-casual dress I'm sure I'll wear to church constantly under my choir robe, and we each bought the same awesome printed-stretch halter dress. We both looked good in it and we, sadly, admitted we'd never spend enough time in the same place for anyone to notice about the whole "matching dresses" thing. Sigh.

That night and the next day were a blur. We drove to Cincinnati to her aunt's house and spent the next day bridesmaid dress shopping with her aunt, her mother, and her sister (who flew in from DC). We found one, in the end, and it's beautiful. It took a while, and quite a bit of emotional wrangling with her family, but we made it work in the end. Huzzah for the triumph of . . . intricate negotiation, I guess. Then she drove me to the airport and I arrived home in time for bed. Oh, and then my husband had the day off today and I didn't and I complained about it all day. And now you're all caught up, so on to the pics:

In Kentucky, liquor "stores" are for the feint of heart, apparently.

The oft-mentioned Florence water tower. I didn't believe her when K-dog claimed this existed. I am duly chastised by my own photographic evidence.

Perhaps the most ubiquitous sight this trip: snow.

Snow falling on trees - I used to think there was nothing lovelier until I saw the sun setting on the ice-encased trees in southern Indiana and Ohio. It was so gorgeous that I'm still mad I didn't have my camera and time to spend trolling the streets and highways for the perfect shot. Someday . . .


Mair said...


Just kidding, I know you're busy. But, seriously, are we on for March??

Plankiest said...

Ha! The Liquor Barn!

Loves it.