Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Picture Post Week: Capitol Building

Saturday afternoon, on our walk back from the National Portrait Gallery, we decided to trek to the Capitol Building. Interestingly, though we've taken dozens of friends and family members on the National Mall tour, we've rarely walked all the way to the Capitol. It was nice to spend some time snapping pictures of the building and the view from it down the Mall.

View from the Capitol toward the Washington and Lincoln Memorials.

Looking upward from the building, front and center. Hubster remarked that it looks like a fortress. (Photo Credit: Hubster)

I'd never noticed this little alcove with the trees before. I think it's lovely. (Photo Credit: Hubster)

That evening we had dinner at M & S Grill. Hubster enjoyed the chicken parmesan (with the world's largest chicken breast, seriously, it was huge) and I enjoyed my bay scallops in citrus butter with an herb crust. We also shared their creme brulee, which had toasted almond slivers on top, and I decided that while not necessary, the almonds did deliver a pleasant flavor note. Good on you, M & S. Anyway, on the walk home, we noticed the bright Capitol framed at the end of the street of our hotel, so we snapped a picture before heading back into the warmth.

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