Tuesday, February 06, 2007

¡Hace frío!

Winter. We go out less because it's so cold, because it might snow, because tea and a quiet night in which your thermal-regulatory systems won't be challenged in any way? I'LL TAKE THAT WITH A SIDE OF WARM COOKIES, THANKS. (Incidentally, I love that in Spanish, the weather has agency: it's not that it "is cold," it's that it "does cold." It makes me feel better about taking it personally.)

Hubster had to go get a crown put on Monday. I was going to drop him off and then pick him up. In between, I was going to browse for matte-jersey-appropriate patterns at a local fabric store (that jersey? $3/yd at G Street, talk about your shopping coups!). The second I landed out of the car, all motivation was gone. Not even the irritating and repetitive dental TV programming - hilariously entitled "DentLine," get it, like "DateLine" for teeth, HA - could motivate me out of that warm room and into the car for the extra cold my errand would entail. Now, I eventually got bored and thought about destroying their giant plasma screen just so the pictures would stop - all those bad teeth magically fixed with dental procedures costing mere thousands of dollars. "Double-mortgage your house, sell a kid, pretty teeth will totally be worth it," coaxes the DentLine voice as my daydream self unleashes a primal scream, rips the TV off the wall and bends the frame into a horrific industrial sculpture expressing my tumultuous relationship with postmodern dentistry.

I left for Joann's instead. If anyone's making me pay for a plasma, it should end up on my wall in functional condition instead of on the floor of a waiting room in a mangled heap, potential sculptural career notwithstanding. It was too cold to take it out to the dumpster anyway.


Jackscolon said...

I do cold, but I prefer to do hot. Beggars can't be choosers! Hey-o!

Seriously though, it's been freezing. It's so cold the LCD's in my car don't change right. They're sluggish and lazy, and leave ghostly imprints in my dash. Either that or I'm driving 88 miles per hour.

der Panzerkardinal said...

Excellent insight about the weather. We can legitimately personify weather, then: "Damn you, weather!"

I feel better already. South Bend is blessed (cursed) with the lake effect snow from Lake Michigan, resulting in feet of snow and wind chills in the -teens.

I'll take that with a side of hot chocolate and vodka, thank you!

I hope you and K are doing well.