Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day!

I may be in the mad, mad world of Indiana winter storms, but I am not dead. Yet. I flew out here Sunday night and stayed over with Bee for delicious dinner eating, Grammy snarking, rum and coke drinking, and a whole lotta sittin' around. Yum. A snippet of the evening's proceedings:

Scene: Will, Neo the Cat and I in Bee's kitchen

Erica to Neo, who is sniffing at her face: "Hey there, kitten-cat, what's up? Why are you sniffing at me so intently? Is my breath scented?"

Will (looks up from stirring the pasta sauce): "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

E: "I was talking to Neo. He seemed to sniffing my breath and I asked him if it was scented."

W: "Oh, I thought you said something else."

E (laughing): "No, honey, they're not scented!"


Scene: Bee, Plankiest, and I are watching the Grammys and Beyonce comes out to sing looking like this:

E: Oh, Beyonce, you can wear the white gardenias but your are SO NOT Billie Holiday. Grrrr.

Bee: I'm so glad Erica's here to get mad at the random stuff.

Dawn: (laughs musically, not because of the occasion but because her laugh is always musical)


After partying and talking, we hit the hay at midnight. BossLady picked us up at the house around 7:30am for the drive down to Cincinnati for a press check on my big beastly project. I got to tour the printing house seeing the massive machinery which provides so much delight to readers like me by printing, trimming, gluing and sewing words into pretty, pretty books and magazines. Oh, and we also got to take free books from their "sample room," a magical place from whence I took several digital photography guides, a couple of crafting books (Teach Yourself to Knit? Okay!), and some other good stuff. Raise the song for free books! (Cue random, semi-blasphemous singing.)

We got out a little early from the proceedings because we knew the Blizzard of 2007 would hit in the evening. We ended up having time for a leisurely dinner at Loon Lake Lodge after all, and I enjoyed my American Bison Meatloaf with Garlic and Cheddar Smashed Potatoes (although avoid their overdone, bacon-flavored green beans - blech), as well as half-price bottle of wine night with a Jewel Collection Petite Syrah. We wrapped up and drove Bee home before heading home ourselves and beating the snow. Highlight:

Scene: BossLady's car, as she prepares to fill up the gas tank on our way home. Bee and I in attendance.

BossLady: Could you get my company credit card out of my wallet? Be careful about the change purse, though. It's a little overfull, and it's incontinent.

Bee and E: (laugh uproariously)

E: You know, that works as a metaphor for budgets, too. I'm going to try using that next time I overspend - I can't be blamed, MY WALLET IS INCONTINENT!


I guess I didn't realize how tired I was because I started reading my cuddled up in bed at 10:00 and I awoke at 3:00am to find myself still dressed under the covers. Oops! I got ready for bed and slept until 9:00am when I got ready for going into the office. Sadly, with roads bad and getting worse, the office was not to be, so I've been working from Boss HQ all day. Thursday afternoon I head off to see KD and do all kinds of crazy wedding stuff with her, her mom, her aunt, and her sister in (where else for this trip?) Cincinnati. I'm looking forward to it, especially now that working through this snow day gives me the time off gratis. Huzzah!

Okay, I know I'm boring you. I could tell you all about the fantastic weekend Hubster and I enjoyed, but that would be OVER THE TOP ANNOYING, I KNOW. So I dutifully shut up and tell you to have a great day and stay warm and safe. ¡Hasta!


der Panzerkardinal said...

So are you still in Indiana??

Pennsylvania native that I am, I have seen bad snow storms. You know this, too, from good ol' always-walking-into-the-wind GCC. Indiana - South Bend, at least - suffers from a chronic deficiency of plows. Or it could be that they have enough plows, and they just don't use them. Either way, it's a problem.

Today, though, the crews did an admirable job of clearing the roads. And thanks to the help of the sun deciding to show up - no thanks to the fact that Indiana doesn't put salt on the roads - we can see asphalt again.

It's even better when the wind creates 4 foot snow drifts causing your leg to disappear up to your knee when you expect there to be sidewalk. Props to the little tractor plow drivers who managed to find the sidewalks on campus today!

Marty said...

Hey! I grew up in Cincinnati and will be there for numerous weddings myself this summer...we should compare schedules and see if we'll land in that fine city on the same dates. How fun would that be??