Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Crazy, Deconstructed

So perhaps it's the few extra moments I waited until taking my late lunch and the resulting plummet in blood sugar levels, but I am feeling loo-ooo-pay (three syllables). In honor of the show we heart/hype so much, I made a fancy, shmancy dinner. It had nothing to do with the fact that I had to carve up and freeze that flank steak before it rotted. Anyway, Hubster and I got a little crazy and took pictures of the cat and my cooking and then, unfortunately, of me. Those of you who are just here for the pictures are in trouble. heh. But first, the undisputed queen of the house:

Cute, Deconstructed

Next, the undisputed gastronome of the house, cooking messily:

Cook, Deconstructed

And the image credits go to the undisputed babe of the house, K, who ROCKS. Now if only I could keep a straight face when he tries to take my picture in his "Photographer Encouraging Subject" mode, maybe I could be the babe of the house, too.

Nah, he's much cuter. And by that I mean "more rugged." Of course. Would I be the kind of girl who says embarrassing things about her husband's cuteness in public? No, I would never do that.

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guacemily said...

Yer hair looks grand... I don't care what anyone else says- I just love your facial expression. (Besides after the years in high school where applying/inhaling nail polish was an everyday occurrence, I've seen much worse on you. >:)