Wednesday, November 30, 2005

In which I personify Insomnia. Only to Hate on her.

As my insomnia-suffering former roommate will attest, I am a disgustingly-consistent good sleeper. I would feel so bad about my well-restedness in the morning when M-lo would tell me that she barely slept at all. Now, mind you, she was much better organized and motivated than I, so I would be the one pulling all-nighters while she at least got a SHOT at sleeping. Sadly, if she couldn't really sleep, what good did it do her?

The evening started out promising. After getting dinner, K and I hit up Home Depot for more paint chips and decor conversation. Then we went to Panera and MAN, again, HOUSE LATTES RULE! We read a while, but I kept getting distracted by options for the house - creating combinations in my head, noticing colors around me like I was on drugs, seriously, COULD NOT STOP. We finally got out of there and headed home where I proceeded to weasel some help from K on a friend's template redesign (I'll post a link once it's final). He is a total babe for helping me. Finally, after working on that for a while alone and then getting ready for bed, it was time to hit the hay.

Oh hello, Insomnia! Um, what're you, what're you doing here? You're what now? Planning on keeping me up until 4am? Wow, you're kidding? Don't. Please? I don't get a choice on this, do I? Fine. FINE!

I couldn't get comfortable and when I was (momentarily) comfortable, five shades of neutral browns floated by my eyes and made it impossible for me to focus on SLEEP. Then it was WHY IS INTERNET EXPLORER SO STUPID AND MAKING THAT BORDER ON MY BANNER AND PHOTO TOTALLY OUT OF PLACE? RRRRR. Caffeine only has power over me when I have a lot going on, but boy is it powerful then!

M-lo, my love, I hope this vengeance is sweet.


Mair said...

Well, for a moment I thought perhaps justice had come. Then I realized that I love you too much to wish insomnia on you, even only for one night!! It is a terrible plague and I hope this was a one-time occurence, brought on by the stress and axiety of choosing paint colors! Oh - and lay off the house lattes! :o)

lvs said...

I have problems with insomnia, but the worst is when you have something on your mind that you just can't stop thinking about which makes you not be able to sleep. For instance, when I bought Brian the Turkey the week before Thanksgiving, my nap insomnia was due to visions of golden crispy turkeys floating behind my eyelids. ::sigh::