Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nostalgic for nomadic inhabitants of the tundra.

I don't seem to have much that's interesting to say. I spent my lunch hour catching up with lovely, funny, adorable RC, so I'm mostly just wistful right about now. Talking to her makes me miss my hometown more than usual. I just want to meet up with her and EN in Birmingham for coffee at the 'Bou and a dessert and lots of snarking and laughing.

In less nostalgic news, K and I will be hitting up IKEA for dessert (moi a sweettooth? guilty as charged!) and SOOTHING OF THE NESTING INSTINCT, FOR THE LOVE. I will probably be in a brushed-metal-and-birch-wood coma tomorrow. This is not likely to break my streak of bizarre and boring blogging.

This is good, but sometimes you have so much going on in your head that coming up with coherent posts is just too much. B tells me that just as soon as her life settles down she's going to "audio blog" because she's too lazy to type. I won't go down that road because I would have 300 entries per day and they would all be pure, unadulterated nonsense. One entry of that per day is MORE than enough.

So how are you all? What's up, my peeps? Tell me something funny or interesting. Rant about anything your heart desires. Yay for writing my post FOR me!


Bee said...

Ah Darling! Surely you know that when I start audio blogging it will probably be 300 entries of pure unadulterated nonsense each day. As far as writing your post for you.... wow that's a lot of effort and I am pretty lazy. :-) I could post my oh so eloquent comparison of an apple and an orange. Nothing like reading (or writing for that matter) on a 2nd grade level, but I think I'll save that for another day.

guacemily said...

Ah ha. Here are some funny quotes from a three year old. Tuesday, when we were out with a few of Mini M's preschool friends, M felt the intense desire to be in charge of everything. She was bossing around her little friend, and I told her, "Stop bossing and be nice... do you understand me?" To which she shrugged and replied, "No Comprendo".
Her other favorite words are lovely, delicate and frustrated. People always give me funny looks and ask how old she is when they hear her saying them...

Don Quixote said...

Remember - you asked for it.

The REAL boss and I were watching "House" last night (recorded). A patient had allergy symptoms, and House asked her if she got a new cat. She said, "Yes. It was my mother's. She died." To this, House replied, "You're keeping a dead cat?"

I ROLLED OFF THE COUCH LAUGHING, so much so that we had to rewind the show once I was ready to continue. When I finally recovered, the REAL boss looked at me and said, "Why do you think that's so funny?"

I don't know. Sometimes she just doesn't get me - even after 21 years.

Mair said...

I'm just wondering why your links move around all the time? Are you aware of this?? It's strange to me.

Mair said...

p.s. Do you have any digital pictures of me? I'm sick of my picture on my blog - especially because my hair is about a foot shorter now.

E.A.P said...

Bee - I said it on the phone, and I'll say it now: "Commenting is a only a hop, skip, and a username away from blogging." BLOG! BLOG FOR ME!

guacemily - Speaking of usernames, what does yours mean? I always think of guacamole and have to go get some chips. Also, your snot-nosed, gorgeous girl? AWESOME! Using big words already, bossing people around? Totally gonna turn out like me. RUN FOR THE HILLS!

don quixote - HA! Yeah, K and I laughed at that, too. I can just picture the scene. You crack up and SheBoss just looks intently at you, like Fermi might, with a lovely puzzled look. She then calmly asks you her question (unlike your Queen of the Freak Out cat), and you cannot explain, but are merely glad she's stuck around to puzzle beautifully at you.

I guess the amount of time doesn't so much matter as the fact that they're still around to marvel at us.

Mair - 1) I didn't want to write the links in a specific order lest I cripple myself with anxiety over the order of them because GASP, what if it's not perfect? Also, I use a service for the links 'cause I'm a lazy girl and they randomize it for me. Once again, lazy. 2) You should use that picture you took after you got your hair cut because in it you are so cute that I ALMOST hate you for it. Also, if you want me to apply a special effect of some kind, you know PhotoShop and I are like this (crosses fingers) and if I don't photoshop something every couple of days I get the shakes, so send the image on over.

One and all - thanks for commenting. We should do this again sometime.

Blogger - do you intentionally make my word verifications longer than anyone else's I've seen to mimic how long-winded I am on my site? And in my comments? Well, TOUCHÉ!